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Black lives, white lies

Black lives, white lies

The subjugation of black lives has not evolved since settlement. But it is not our behaviour that needs to change. Ignoring this fact is a choice.

There are two vacant properties for each homeless person in NSW

In NSW, more than enough vacant properties exist in which to house the homeless, but is the solution that easy?     In NSW, more than 37,175 people are homeless while

A wine cellar in a rental property? Why, yes you can

Ever thought about having a wine cellar or something vaguely resembling it? The fact that your name is not on the mortgage is immaterial.     A wine cellar sounds

Current Affairs Wrap: Another US mass shooting, Adani’s mine is almost here, America weaponises “freedom gas”

Well, it’s been a week punctuated by gunshot, a local voyeur peeking at Jupiter and ‘freedom gas’, whatever that happens to be.     Hello and welcome to this week’s

The coalition is back – But delivering on promises won’t be easy

The struggle for the coalition starts now, as the challenge to follow through with their promises will be difficult, as the minority clearly now rules.     “It’s not a


Masculine traditions still rule in study of Australian men

In a recent study of Australian men aged 18 to 30, traditional masculine views still hold true in this country.     Young men who conform to traditional definitions of

Great southern blend: Let our new citizens shape us, not we them

With the conditions on new citizens tougher, it begs us to ask not only who we are, but what we expect.     In this culture of 'otherdom', again we're

Drugs exist that allow you to forget bad memories

Good news! Drugs that edit out your bad memories actually exist. Whether you should or not, is a matter of debate.     “Love is so short and forgetting is

Australian CO₂ levels rose despite COVID-19 forcing global emissions down

The prophetically named Cape Grim measures Australia's carbon dioxide levels. Despite the rest of the world showing a noticeable dip, the same hasn't happened here.      COVID-19 has curtailed

In modern America, intellect is a dirty word

America's Dunning-Kruger president has inspired millions of followers to amplify baseless opinions as facts, it’s time to stop arguing with them and just act.     We are living in a

We’re living through the age of the terribly named child. Believe it.

I'm a father, so I'm an expert. Let me tell you, the rise of nonsense child names is certainly real, and it will certainly kill us all. All Hail Prime

It looks like Victoria has passed the peak of its second wave

There's a very good chance that Victoria has already endured the worst of the second wave, but I suggest we mix caution with our optimism.      It’s hard to

The coronavirus isn’t a wake-up call, it is much more than that

The restrictive nature of the coronavirus sees us fantasising our lives when it all blows over. However, whether we register it or not, they're forever changed.     The world

Borderline insanity: The ACT residents trapped by state politics should serve as a warning

For six days, one hundred ACT residents were at the mercy of political point-scoring. While they were eventually freed, the whole fiasco proved how little co-operation exists at the highest


Eight ways to admit you didn’t do your research

In the modern age, we often don't have time to enter discussions armed with previous research. If you're caught out, here's how to mention that fact gracefully.      

If you’re tall, you’re twice as likely to get COVID

According to a recent survey, those over six feet tall are twice as likely to welcome the coronavirus into their lives.     Early results from a survey of 2,000

The COVIDSafe app: Just another expensive fail?

Connectivity issues, security concerns and a lack of actual detection. Has the COVIDSafe app been a complete waste of time and taxpayer funds?     There has been a litany

New technology can ascertain your political views by the look on your face

After a recent study displayed the ability technology has to guess our sexual proclivity and political choices, I wonder if we're too quick to automatically fear these advancements.    

Black America isn’t sold on Biden, but Kamala Harris may change that

With the appointment of Kamala Harris, Biden is courting the Black vote, but fewer than half of young Black Americans surveyed in battleground states say they will vote for him.

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