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Current Affairs Wrap: Another US mass shooting, Adani’s mine is almost here, America weaponises “freedom gas”

Well, it’s been a week punctuated by gunshot, a local voyeur peeking at Jupiter and ‘freedom gas’, whatever that happens to be.     Hello and welcome to this week’s

The coalition is back – But delivering on promises won’t be easy

The struggle for the coalition starts now, as the challenge to follow through with their promises will be difficult, as the minority clearly now rules.     “It’s not a


Masculine traditions still rule in study of Australian men

In a recent study of Australian men aged 18 to 30, traditional masculine views still hold true in this country.     Young men who conform to traditional definitions of

Great southern blend: Let our new citizens shape us, not we them

With the conditions on new citizens tougher, it begs us to ask not only who we are, but what we expect.     In this culture of 'otherdom', again we're

There are two vacant properties for each homeless person in NSW

In NSW, more than enough vacant properties exist in which to house the homeless, but is the solution that easy?     On October 18, Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon posted

A wine cellar in a rental property? Why, yes you can

Ever thought about having a wine cellar or something vaguely resembling it? The fact that your name is not on the mortgage is immaterial.     A wine cellar sounds

Morrison is tied to the sports rorts scandal by 136 emails, catching him in another lie

Despite Scott Morrison claiming he had no direct connection with the "sports rorts" scandal, more than one hundred emails from his office say otherwise.     The Prime Minister has

Moree: A place of ancient beauty and contemporary ugliness

Moree grabbed headlines in the 1960s when the town became a flash point for segregation, but its history is long, and no less divisive.      I’m so glad you’ve

WhatsApp glitch leaves 470,000 private groups vulnerable

A glitch on WhatsApp purportedly indexes private groups on Google, allowing their details to be easily found on the internet.     A glitch in the Facebook-owned messaging application WhatsApp

Under-funded and under-resourced: Australia’s domestic violence loop

The enforcement of domestic violence in this country is stuck in a loop: ignore victims, offer sympathy, learn nothing.     Earlier this week at a memorial for Hannah Clarke

The plague discovered in China, WHO believes disease is “re-emerging”

With another confirmed case of the plague in China, the World Health Organisation has classified the disease that killed 25 million people as "re-emerging".      It seems disease, like

Research finds cashless welfare does more harm than good

According to the government, cashless welfare is supposed to help those in the program. However, those subject to it, have a completely different experience.     The Australian government touts

Vote to strip Bettina Arndt passes Senate with only One Nation opposing

The vote to revoke the Order of Australia given to Bettina Arndt has passed the Senate by a measure of 55-2.     The Coalition government has supported Labor’s motion

“He will be cut off from humanity” journalist John Pilger speaks for Assange

Legendary Australian journalist John Pilger has described the "darkness" that awaits Julian Assange should we allow his extradition.     “When I first visited Julian in Belmarsh – not long

The reason why teens are editing themselves on social media

Their generation may have been raised in the crucible of social media, but the constant editing of their past illustrates their acceptance of the future.     Teens who grow

Albanese’s climate policy is too little, too late

The facts are plain. Anthony Albanese's vision for a zero-emission Australia by 2050 isn't going to cut it.     Opposition leader Anthony Albanese’s announcement on Friday that a Labor

It’s already difficult for women to get an abortion, the religious discrimination bill will make it harder

Under the Morrison government's Religious Discrimination Bill, it may be even harder for women to obtain an abortion.     If the Religious Discrimination Bill passes into law, women may

Me too: Weinstein is far from an outlier in Hollywood

We've been hearing the notable instances of sexual assault in Hollywood. However, I'd like to illustrate the choices those who 'haven't made it' face, those who are told they must do it

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