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There are two vacant properties for each homeless person in NSW

In NSW, more than enough vacant properties exist in which to house the homeless, but is the solution that easy?     In NSW, more than 37,175 people are homeless while

A wine cellar in a rental property? Why, yes you can

Ever thought about having a wine cellar or something vaguely resembling it? The fact that your name is not on the mortgage is immaterial.     A wine cellar sounds

Current Affairs Wrap: Another US mass shooting, Adani’s mine is almost here, America weaponises “freedom gas”

Well, it’s been a week punctuated by gunshot, a local voyeur peeking at Jupiter and ‘freedom gas’, whatever that happens to be.     Hello and welcome to this week’s

The coalition is back – But delivering on promises won’t be easy

The struggle for the coalition starts now, as the challenge to follow through with their promises will be difficult, as the minority clearly now rules.     “It’s not a


Masculine traditions still rule in study of Australian men

In a recent study of Australian men aged 18 to 30, traditional masculine views still hold true in this country.     Young men who conform to traditional definitions of


The week in Media: 19th August 2016

Carefully curated by MediaScope   Industry Warned as Consumers are Frustrated by Advertising (CampaignLive) Consumers are "frustrated and annoyed" by the advertising experience is highlighted as a key theme in

I wish rugby league would go and die

Nicholas Hartman isn’t your typical Aussie bloke. In fact, for him football, in particular Rugby League, brings out the very worst in society. I wish Rugby League would go and

I lived with a crack addict for six months

Dylan Goodluck discovered that living with a heroin addict is not all it's 'crack'-ed up to be...   I lived with a crack addict for six months. We started off

Worst. Sex. Ever.

Toby Francis reminisces over his first sexual encounters, during which he discovered the disconnect between porn and real life.   The Exorcist may be a weird movie to watch while offering someone

Get off your high horses – GTA V is here to stay

As debate continues to rage over video games and violence, Nathan Gardner considers whether GTA V imitates life, or life imitates GTA V. Rockstar Entertainment recently released its latest instalment of

Dear Blake…

Sharp-tongued, fashion-forward and, by his own admission, troubled soul Blake Sutherland offers his homespun advice to those in need...   Q1. I am a stylist trying to make it in

Art vs artists – how do we decide?

The avid gamer in Jordan King Lacroix comes up against his ethical and moral guardian as he grapples with financially supporting the art of an  'artist' whose personal beliefs don't

Crime and punishment

Nicholas Cowdery, AM, QC, muses on Dostoevsky, ICAC and the serving up of a tasty cold dish called revenge.   When I was still at university, I acted in a

The Mourning Show

Water-boarding and The Morning Show are the tortures of Jason Folkard’s worse nightmares, and guess which one he/she willingly submitted to..?   The Big Smoke has finally launched, so I thought

I can’t stand lefty memes

Gary Condoseres has a quiet chuckle over how the Left may have won the meme battle against the Right leading up to the 2013 Federal Election, and yet still lost

I am a conscientious objector

Looking at the issue from the perspective of a rural GP, ‘Rastas’ has become a conscientious objector to conscientious objection to immunisation.   In 1798, Edward Jenner discovered that injecting

The MP and me

Forced to navigate between his own beliefs and the aspirations of one of his besties wanting to become an MP, Toby Francis is no longer a 'PUP' when it comes

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