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Paul Bugeja is a writer, editor, screenwriter and (sometimes) actor-director. His passions (read: obsessions) include sport, film, the arts and politics. With several books under his belt and a variety of other writing projects on the go, sitting as the Editor-in-Chief at the Big Smoke is his chance to bust out even further his geeky love of the written word and be part of an uber-cool new spot in the digpubsphere©

Fortune favours the bold

 Time is for dragonflies and angels. The former live too little and the latter live too long. — James Thurber

G’day TBS-ers!

As some will no doubt be aware, I was offered the opportunity to take over the Editor-in-Chief role at The Big Smoke just over a week ago – an opportunity I grasped with excitement, wonder and, admittedly, just a teensy dollop of fear at taking on such a massive responsibility.

However, thanks to the inordinate diligence of Simon Tedeschi, the inaugural Editor-in-Chief, and that of the ongoing MD of TBS’s parent company (the Belleford Group) Alexandra Tselios,  in getting the site up and running and through its first month live,  the task of taking over the reigns from Simon, while still daunting, has been made much easier.

TBS has yet again stayed ahead of the pack this week in terms of our bold attitude to content. The week kicked off with Xavier Toby’s light-hearted take  (Me vs My Dad on Asylum Seekers) on how he has been forced to alter his approach to the asylum seeker debate due to his dad’s viewpoints. This comes at a time when the Abbott government faces a new flood of asylum seekers in the shadow of ongoing ‘difficulties’ in our relationship with Indonesia following the Snowden leaks (as reported by our ABC and The Guardian.)

Great to see other media taking a strong stance on reporting the facts!

Polly Chester’s plea on Tuesday about child safety (Child Safety: It Takes a Village to Raise a Child) was a stark reminder of how we must protect some of the most vulnerable in our care by both supporting the hard-working, professionals employed to be on the watch for abuse, but also each and every one of us as individual citizens.

And how pertinent a call it was as we follow the hearings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and are witness to Pru Goward (the NSW Minister for Family and Community Services) struggle under the weight of ongoing evidence that not all is well in her department.

No doubt Polly and others will have more to say about these issues in the months ahead.

Wednesday we let James Walsh mount his e-pulpit from where he delivered (This Disease Called Faith) an engaging, non-preachy chat about where he sees Atheism in the Religious Pantheon, provoking some interesting discussion from readers – which is what we are here to do – engage with you at every possible juncture. I’m not sure Richard Dawkins would agree with James – if you’re out there Richard, feel free to comment!

Legendary fashion designer and business-woman Carla Zampatti took centre stage (or should that be catwalk?!) (This has been a Sobering Year in Fashion) in her frank discussion on Thursday as part of Alexandra Tselios‘ brilliant ongoing series of interviews with high-profile, successful Australian women.

And the working week  wrapped up on TBS with a unique response from a Christian perspective by Mikael Hattingh (What would Jesus do…about Same-Sex Marriage?) to the striking down of the ACT’s same-sex marriage legislation in an action brought to the High Court by the Abbott Government.

Over the weeks and months ahead you can continue to expect ongoing coverage and opinions of all the major issues going around (get ready for Monday’s ‘Human Headline’…say no more…) There will also be occasional light-hearted fare to keep you smiling, human interest pieces telling big stories and small, and a range of other engaging, bold, insightful content from our talented and ever-expanding pool of contributors (we could always do with more though, so shoot us through expressions of interest, please!) whose sparkling, honest, take-no-prisoners efforts make the site what it is.

(Well, Alexandra and I work bloody hard too, so let’s call it a team effort…)

And, as a new publication, you will also in all likelihood see some changes to TBS as we evolve , so stay tuned…

(We’re always open to suggestions, comments and otherwise too, so please shoot them through to me on [email protected])

Thanks for your support – we love having you with us on our journey to make TBS a unique  fixture in the media landscape.


(PS – I saved a dragonfly from getting eaten by a spider today. That’s the story of my day yesterday. Pretty cool, eh?)

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