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Paul Bugeja is a writer, editor, screenwriter and (sometimes) actor-director. His passions (read: obsessions) include sport, film, the arts and politics. With several books under his belt and a variety of other writing projects on the go, sitting as the Editor-in-Chief at the Big Smoke is his chance to bust out even further his geeky love of the written word and be part of an uber-cool new spot in the digpubsphere©

Not just another new year editorial

Most New Year Editorial focuses on the year that was.

The highs, lows, ups, downs.

Big news events that stopped the nation – victories, losses, tragedies, good fortunes…you know the drill.

Or the editorial is funny and kooky and, well, let’s face it, sometimes just a bit try hard.

Instead, I’d like to focus on the future. Focus on what I’d like 2014 to look like. On  a few of my hopes for the year.

I hope that Australians who feel apathetic about the political process shake it off and become more involved in the democratic process rather than shut their eyes to things they don’t want to think about because it’s too hard or they find it boring or they feel they have no ‘real choices’. It’s our country…we are part of the way things work. Our voices count.

I hope that we see a greater stance for equality –  whether it be around gender, sexuality, race, age, religion, physical ability or otherwise. We still seem to have so much work to do across the board in all these areas, and we can do better.

I hope countries that are being torn apart by civil unrest, like Syria and South Sudan and Egypt and Lebanon (there are more, the list could go on…), settle down so that their citizens can walk down the street again, grab a coffee or tea or whatever their daily fix is with their besties, and not have to worry about having their head blown off.

I hope we find ways to remain economically productive and to spread the spoils of this fairly amongst everyone while taking into account that we only have one planet (at least at the moment), and that there just might be a limit to how much we can farm, mine, fish and take whatever else we want from it without consequences for future generations.

I hope we see justice for those who have been hurt, relief for those in distress and restitution for anyone who feels they have been wronged.

I hope and wish for a better world – generic I know, but it’s simple and why not, eh?

(Oh, and in my own selfish way I hope the Hawks win back-to-back AFL Premierships – don’t hate Alexandra, I promise no more talk of football. This week at least.)

And of course, I hope you all stay a part of the TBS community in 2014 and beyond; that you continue to support our crew of brilliant writers; that you spread the word far and wide to others to get on board with The Big Smoke (share people, share); and that all of you (AND ALEXANDRA AND I ESPECIALLY BECAUSE WE ARE WORKING BLOODY HARD) have very productive, successful and pretty damned amazing 2014’s…

See you (well, not see you…but you know what I mean…) in 2014!



PS – Play safe tonight kids.

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