This week kicks off on something of a sombre note.

While the death of anyone is significant to those affected by it, there have been two deaths in the last 48 hours of particular import.

Ariel Sharon, former Israeli PM, died at the age of 85 after his body could no longer sustain itself following eight years of being in a vegetative state. “Arik” to his friends, “the Bulldozer” to his critics, Sharon will be remembered as a hawkish political warrior for the State of Israel, champion of colonialism and an uncompromising ideologue.

Love him or loathe him, we say “Zal” to this once-powerful force in Middle Eastern politics.

The other death is much closer to home.

Eleven days after yet another random breakout of street violence, 18-year-old king-hit-victim Daniel Christie has passed away. In what was no doubt a crushing decision for his family, Daniel was taken off life support over the weekend. Tragic, heartbreaking and unneccessary, perhaps the only good that can come from such a senseless death is that it will force the hand of authorities to consider real measures that go beyond the mere punitive to prevent the damage and death (there have been 91 deaths from king hits since 2000, with over a quarter of these in NSW) that comes from drug or alcohol-fuelled street violence (take a read of our pieces by Nicholas Cowdery QC and Alex Gillis for TBS coverage around these issues.)

Our condolences go to Daniel’s family who have lost their smiling boy.

Ok – heavy start, but it had to be done, so now onto something a little lighter, although looking ahead to this week on TBS, death is actually somewhat prevalent thematically!

Today we’re lucky to kick off the week with stellar actor, singer and cabaret artist Paul Capsis.

In Childhood Memories: Reminiscences of Yia Yia, Paul offers us a peek into the wonderful memories he has of his Greek grandmother – his Yia Yia – and in particular her kitchen and the culinary treats that came from it. It’s a heart-felt, lilting melodious reminisce by Paul of his now-deceased but still much-loved Yia Yia that you’ll love to read and want to share.

During the week we welcome some more great new writers to TBS, covering big issues and small, from ethical consumerism to Nigella Lawson (no, there is no connection there, or is there…?) Watch out especially for Jen Gurry’s piece detailing her journey to becoming pro-life (an interesting juxtaposition to Cory Bernardi’s approach to the matter) and make sure you hit us up at the end of the week as Paris Portingale takes to the pulpit with some Sunday thoughts…

Enjoy TBS’ers!


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