One of my favourite classic horror films, The Omen (must see – just do it), contains a quote about the coming of the Antichrist…

“When the Jews return to Zion

And a comet rips the sky

And the Holy Roman Empire rises

 Then you and I must die

From the eternal sea he rises

Creating armies on either shore

Turning man against his brother

‘Til man exists no more.”

(ps – Take a look a the trailer…love it)

The eternal sea in the quote refers to politics (I’ll leave you to make your own Antichrist correlations there), and despite us being just a month into the year, the eternal sea is already threatening to smash the peaceful shore of the New Year, with politics firmly back on the agenda at both a State and Federal level.

This week on TBS, politics also dominates, with three of our writers having their say on current hot topics.

Today, new contributor Jim Townsend offers his view on the O’Farrell government’s new ‘one-punch’ and ‘lockout’ proposals (Lockouts: If he’s that angry, it’s already too late); on Thursday, Ross Stitt (who last wrote on the anniversary of Tony Abbott’s first 100 days in office) discusses the recent rumblings about welfare system reforms and what he perceives this really says about the state of Australian politics; and on Saturday Adrian Barnes simply wants to #StoptheShouts (no, don’t worry, he’s not talking about shouting your mates drinks at the pub – hit the site on Saturday to read his piece and retweet with the #!).

However, true to TBS form, we are parting that eternal sea to allow other interesting, stimulating and, let’s face it, sometimes slightly whacked out but engaging content (two words – initials PP) and discussion from some of our other writers.

You’ll read about the feminism inherent in…wait for it…My Little Pony;  eminent actor, director and stalwart of the Australian Arts scene John Bell OAM ruminating on the importance of the writer in the process of staging a play; Blake Sutherland’s first Top 5 (no hints on what it will be but knowing Blake there will be a dose of the sharp-tongued vicious in there); Nicola Mann’s introduction to TBS in an article about the taste of intimacy (delicious…mostly…); and the ever-engaging, slightly lunatic Paris Portingale will wind the week up with a discussion on…you’ll have to check back and see.

(Clue – his brother Ray is involved…but might not be around to tell the tale…)

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