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Paul Bugeja is a writer, editor, screenwriter and (sometimes) actor-director. His passions (read: obsessions) include sport, film, the arts and politics. With several books under his belt and a variety of other writing projects on the go, sitting as the Editor-in-Chief at the Big Smoke is his chance to bust out even further his geeky love of the written word and be part of an uber-cool new spot in the digpubsphere©

Controversy: I’m not so sure I would eat dog…

Ok – confession.

I am one of those guys who tries to eat organic, particularly when it comes to meat. For me, this has the double-up benefit of meaning I eat less meat because of how exey organic produce can be, but also the ethical-feel-good sense of knowing (hoping) that the livestock the meat came from had something like a reasonable existence before being put to the knife.

So, Mark Chu’s article to kick off the week Dog is organic, right?in which he discusses food production practices, was a challenge to my own practices and beliefs.

And that’s why we published it as it hits on one of the things what we want TBS to be – a place for a diversity of opinions on all issues to be expressed with little vetting or censorship.

Call it merely a way of courting controversy… thought-provoking… aggravating…or maybe find things about it that you agree with. Just take a read, and whichever way you fall, jump in and start a conversation about Mark’s views and your own…and share it around to see what others think and feel.

Some of our other articles this week might also court differing degrees of controversy, with writers discussing changing male attitudes and sexism in the footy change rooms; Angelina Jolie’s mastectomy and the courage of women who have to undergo this invasive if life saving procedure; our monarch and recent reports in the press about her ‘precarious’ financial state (poor, poor Lizzie); and a reply to Steph Lentz’ piece of a few weeks ago (Ethical Consumerism: Putting the humanity back into consumption), amongst others.




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