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Paul Bugeja is a writer, editor, screenwriter and (sometimes) actor-director. His passions (read: obsessions) include sport, film, the arts and politics. With several books under his belt and a variety of other writing projects on the go, sitting as the Editor-in-Chief at the Big Smoke is his chance to bust out even further his geeky love of the written word and be part of an uber-cool new spot in the digpubsphere©

Schapelle who…?

No – this is not going to be YET ANOTHER editorial about the imminent release of Schapelle Corby…but, OK, she gets a brief mention later on. I’ll tell you when to close your eyes if you want to avoid it.

Mark Chu’s piece last Monday (Dog is organic, right?) provoked a bit of a vege-nese storm in a dog-loving, say-no-to-factory-farming tea cup.

Not only did people directly comment on the site and social media, others emailed TBS direct with their feelings about the article – mostly, it must be said, issuing fairly angry retorts to Mark’s assertions.


That’s what we want more of at TBS – conversation, discussion, sharing of ideas. Let your voice be heard!

Today, Jordan Rivkin has penned a considered response to Mark’s assertions – Beyond meat – Save the planet by NOT eating dog, taking up a line of argument against which it will be interesting to see both Mark’s and other TBS’ers responses.

Throughout the rest of the week, it’s a mixed bag of copy all-sorts, with a couple of new writers coming on board alongside our growing pool of regular contributors – from Peter Hurley wondering “Who are the people in your gayborhood?” to an appraisal on the notions of greed, envy and inequality by David Kent, we’re, as usual, straddling a wide range of topics.

Valentine’s Day particularly (ed’s note – vom) is the one to watch out for this week – this year St V’s Day is being covered with a Top 5 by writer and comedian Xavier Toby, and…well, it just wouldn’t be right not to hear what Paris Portingale has to say about the most romantic (apparently) day of the year, would it?

Also watch out for TBS Smoke Signals during the week as big issues like the furore over the ABC, asylum seekers and the Abbott government’s defence of the Navy continue, the Royal Commission into Unions and who knows what else!?

*close your eyes now*

(I also won’t be surprised to see one of our more vocal writers wanting to have a say about Schapelle…if there is anything truly left to say, which in my humble opinion, there is not – although the Facebook and the Twitter would disagree…just a little bit of soap-boxing going on over the weekend, both pro and anti…)


Happy early St Valentines’s Day blah blah vom…

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