Top Five moments of New York Fashion week

New York Fashion week is probably my favourite of all the worldwide fashion week events, not only because I adore New York but because its probably the most diverse and crazy in terms of showmanship.

From runway trannys to surprisingly attractive streakers, NYFW is never is never a let down.


No 5. That naked guy wearing the crown

Guests at the Prabal Gurung show got more than anticipated when infamous prankster Vitaly Sediuk (that one guy that molested Bradley Cooper at the Grammys that time) burst onto the runway, revealing nothing but an animal print G string and a crown upon his head. After kneeling before one of the models, Sediuk was swiftly dragged off into darkness by security and the show continued. Let it be known that Anna Wintour’s face showed no change during the entire proceedings.

Any one else think he was kinda hot? Yeah… neither…

(ed’s note – couldn’t find any vid of Vitaly @NYFW…but to give you an idea of how he rolls, here he is grabbing Leonardo Di Caprio’s crutch…yeah…you read right…)


No 4. Vogueing @ HBA

Cult streetwear label Hood By Air took their Fall show into the underground world of ballroom culture by using several dancers from different houses (teams) as models and had them vogue the house down along the runway, sashaying, dropping and twirling with long wigs and bare chests ala Paris is Burning. Dancing is usually used by “baby labels” at their first fashion week as a way of trying to be different but often falls short of tacky and basic. So it’s rare when such a new label, founded in ’06, executes both an incredible runway show but an iconic, culturally-relevant performance, not only to attract attention but also to accent the clothing and pay homage to ballroom culture native to NYC.



No 3. Trannylicious

Gone are the days of gender-specific clothing, taking with it gender-specific models, much to my liking! After the enormous success of gender-bent model and Icon Andrej Pejic of recent years, the sight of seeing a man/boy/transexual/androgynous/ transgendered model walk a runway is always a treat to say the least! Nobody rocks the runway like a tranny in louboutins. Pejic, after a long break from the runway, walked for DKNY, which cast both models and people from the street for their show, ushering in a new era of diversity and “realness” on the runway. Co-designer of The Blonds, Philippe Blonde, opened their Fall show as per usual, donning six inch stilettos, a diamond-encrusted catsuit and bearing a whip much like a drag queen version of catwoman.

Nobody can walk like that man. Life goals tbh.

(ed’s note – take a look at Andrej in action during his/her career so far…)


No 2. Costume craziness

I feel like Kate and Laura from Rodarte must have enjoyed a ‘shrooms-induced Stars Wars marathon while designing their fall collection. Or maybe they were just getting on the product-placement band wagon early for the release of the next Star Wars film? I usually really like Rodarte but I just didn’t like this. The dresses themselves were nice but I’m not too fond of wearing Yoda or C3PO on my body.

Too gauche for words. Next.


No 1. Alexander Wang

I’ve died.

I’ve died and gone to heaven. Is Alexander Wang actually the new, more Asian Jesus?! To me he is. I wondered when he also took on the role as designer at Balenciaga if his own collection would suffer. I mean WHO could possibly design for both iconic labels and STILL nail it? His NYFW Fall collection proves that he is that person and is more than worthy of getting my Number One best moment. His models charged along fast paced with no eyebrows and heavily parted and slicked hair, similar to the last Prada campaign (I’m detecting a trend). The complete look seemed like a sixties view on what high school girls would wear in the year 2014. There were neons and knits and thigh-skimming skirts mixed with heavy Parkas. I cant even breathe just thinking about it.

This is THE LOOK of fall/Winter 14.


(ed’s note – if you love the image at the head of this article as more Gone M @

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