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Oscars: Can Cate stand tall above the Allen controversy?

Hey TBSer’s

So, besides the MASSIVE news that Andrew Demetriou has resigned as CEO of the AFL today (Ok, Ok, that doesn’t mean much to most of you, but to a transplanted Melbourne boy living in Sydney, it’s HUGE), we kick off the week the only way possible –  spotlighting the Oscars…with a TBS twist of course.

Today Carrie McCarthy writes on Woody Allen (with a brilliant illustration by Eveline Pezzini) and the “difficult” situation he has found himself in over accusations that his daughter Dylan Farrow has levelled at him over incidents that allegedly occurred during her childhood.

It’s a sensitive subject, made all the more interesting on the day that Cate Blanchett might take out the Triple Crown (Globe, Bafta, Oscar) of awards for a film, Blue Jasmine,  that Allen directed.

If Blanchett manages to nab Oscar today, given she was brought into the controversy via an open letter from Dylan Farrow, published by The New York Times, in which she said most of the Hollywood establishment “turned a blind eye” to her initial claims, will Cate mention the Allen situation in her acceptance speech…?

(Let’s hope she takes home Oscar whatever happens!)

Tomorrow we go a little lighter with Sydney-based stylist, publicist and all-round cool feller James Tawfik’s Oscars review – he’s new to TBS and we’re happy to have him aboard, and look forward to more of him in the future.

Sadie O’Grady returns Wednesday with a piece on Indigenous Affairs and regular contributor Polly Chester talks electricity and the environment on the weekend.

In between, we have other new contributors writing on topics from smartphones to Fukushima…plus there will be no doubt be Smoke Signals, a couple of Smoke Puffs and Belinda Marsh joins our Top Five writers this Friday.

And there might even be a give-away later in the week…

All good TBS stuff, so stay tuned…

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