Smoke Signal: VLAD laws March over decency

Along with thousands of other people nationwide, I marched at “March in March” to show my distaste and frustration at the current state of affairs in our “lucky” country.

In Brisbane there had not been a gathering of this ilk (I’d estimate around 12,000) since the protest surrounding the Iraq war. There were families, mothers, fathers, children, old folks and, of course, the staple of socialist protesters that are always at demonstrations handing out leaflets. There were posing hipsters who found it all “a bit shouty!” and an awesome band of merry musicians in the midst of it all playing horns and beats whilst we all proceeded down the hot streets yelling “Hey Hey …ho ho, Tony Abbott’s got to go!” (you can also substitute Tony for Campbell Newman).

After said protest, some of us who are partial to an ale (protesting is thirsty work in QLD) congregated at the Treasury Hotel , which has an excellent vantage point on the veranda, from where we watched a sea of happy protesters dissolve back into their “normal” lives. Feeling a thrill about the vibe of the day, most of us were enjoying the shade and the aircon that the hotel had to offer.

Then “IT” happened.

I have seen the mainstream media reporting on a story of a man who “Collapsed at the rally”.

Here’s what really happened. A bike rider who, for impartiality’s sake, was wearing patches (now illegal under the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment (VLAD) Act  in my “Smart State”) was waiting at a red light in front of the hotel adjacent to the park where there were maybe a hundred protesters still milling about. A police car pulled up behind the rider and turned on his lights and siren in the “pull over” manoeuvre, which has anyone shitting themself even if they haven’t been drinking, only had one Gold at the Bowlie or are on their way to pick up the latest shipment of drugs at Port Lytton…

I was polishing off my schooner and yelling “BOOOH!” in the hopes that the police would decide that they would be better off leaving this predicament well alone, considering they were outnumbered…but alas, no. They pulled him over and my friends and I and about 50 people rushed downstairs to show our revulsion for the VLAD laws…and here’s why…

“Any group of three or more persons by whatever name called, whether associated formally or informally and whether the group is legal or illegal…” can and will be arrested under the VLAD laws.

My father is a ‘Bikie”. He rides for a long-standing club of disrepute. If I want to see him at Christmas, birthdays or hell, just a BBQ,with my sons, his grandsons, I could be arrested. This draconian law only serves to keep us all down and control the masses. I really am not into the whole “Bikie” mentality – I find it way too sexist, but overall they are just a bunch of guys finding camaraderie in a passion they share.

I love my Dad…he’s MY DAD! Can I not “associate” with him? I have never seen anything illegal while I have frequented my Dad’s clubhouse and I often take my children there (not on pole-dancing night).

Anyway, after a bit of shouting the police decided that “Yes!” (insert eye roll here) it would be better to just leave this bike rider to continue on with his day, and decided to make a quick getaway and just RUN OVER people. The man that “collapsed” was actually trapped under the front tyre of the police car, his torso and hip and thigh crushed. A policeman then came running from behind and grabbed him extremely with force by the arm to extricate him from under the wheel, with seemingly no care of the health and safety of the victim.

This madness just proves how ridiculous these laws really are.

Our day was not about inciting violence. Our day was about bringing awareness to the “Police State” that is now controlling us. It was about refugee rights, Indigenous Rights, education, the environment – workers and families who are doing it tough, ordinary folks who want change. If we want to see change in the world then we have to start with ourselves.

Let’s think before we act so that our actions cause the least harm to all. Especially you, Liberal government.

Power to the People!

(Ed’s note – This is the writer’s interpretation and personal version of events. In no was does it reflect TBS’s position on the March in March event or anything that occurred during the event.)


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