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Paul Bugeja is a writer, editor, screenwriter and (sometimes) actor-director. His passions (read: obsessions) include sport, film, the arts and politics. With several books under his belt and a variety of other writing projects on the go, sitting as the Editor-in-Chief at the Big Smoke is his chance to bust out even further his geeky love of the written word and be part of an uber-cool new spot in the digpubsphere©

Smokin’ Issues: Hollywood men – the not-so-ferrous sex?

Good morning TBSer’s…

We open the week with a peek into the heart of Hollywood – or at least of its men. Today in her article Men, Hollywood and the tragic genre of drug addiction Alexandra Connor is confused about the way highly-talented male actors seem somehow susceptible to addiction of one kind or another, with sometimes fatal consequences. Think about it. Heath Ledger. Cory Monteith. Philip Seymour Hoffman. Talented doyens of the big and small screen who have succumbed to their own inner demons, the through-line being drug abuse and their early deaths due to overdoses. On a personal level, having witnessed the fragility of male actors via the experiences of her sister, an actor in Russia, Alex comes to some interesting conclusions that only seem to further confirm women are the ferrous sex…

(Although anyone who read SMH yesterday – Housing stress a canary in the coalmine for homelessness: Mission Australia –  will testify to that fact that Rabbi Mendel Kastel well and truly proved his metal when answering the call of those in need…read his article on TBS last week to hear more about the man and his mission to help the homeless…Homelessness: It’s closer than you think.

Tuesday a new writer jumps aboard the TBS express – Akira Lasker. Akira has written us a piece that delves into the way the media and literature have been instrumental inputs into the racism agenda in Australia – and not necessarily in a positive way.

Later in the week, regulars Polly Chester and Xavier Toby discuss electricity and environmentalism and the vagaries of our supposed democracy via the preferential voting system, Sean Romero coughs up his first Top Five, another new writer, Sophie Gillfeather-Spetere delves into the murky world of female sex tourism (Ketut does not go unscathed) and we wind up the week with the return of Vince Varney (literally – welcome back Vince!) as he points out that as much as we would like to argue otherwise, the Interwebs are not free…

And Natasha Mann talks…the stuff she likes to talk…no hints, just come back and read next Sunday!


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