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Smoke Signal: Hands off Millers Point

TBS regular contributor, Independent MP Alex Greenwich, and Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore took a strong stand yesterday over the O’Farrell Government’s decision to sell off  the Millers Point social estate.

“Millers Point is one of Australia’s oldest communities, in the most historic place in our country. Many residents here have connections to this area going back generations,” stated Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

“The Government promised to consult the local community on the findings of a recent Social Impact Assessment before any final decision on further sales was made. Today’s announcement will come as shock to many families who call this place home. More than 400 people have been betrayed by the Government’s decision to sell all these properties without any consultation.”

“The community of Millers Point deserves better than this. Our city shouldn’t be a place that only has space for the wealthy.”

MP Alex Greenwich intends introducing a priority motion into NSW Parliament calling on the government to halt the sale.

“I share the community’s outrage that the Government is selling off a part of Sydney’s history,” Mr Greenwich said.

“Millers Point is one of the oldest and strongest communities in Sydney, and we can’t underestimate the health and mental costs, and impact on resident of today’s cruel announcement.

“The Government has broken their promise to the people of Millers Point that they would be consulted and that a social impact statement would be released prior to any decision.

“The passion and commitment of Millers Point residents and their elected representatives to maintain public housing means the government will have a fight on its hand.”

Strong words from Greenwich, a local member who is passionate about the issue.

Looks like Mr O’Farrell better batten down the hatches over this one…

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