Nick Spellicy

The celebrity limelight has a harsh glare, beware!


People are crazy, right?

I mean, you have to get to that point where you see someone doing something so inexplicably odd that your knee-jerk reaction is “Oh, yeah, they’re crazy. That’s a crazy person.”

That’s what I think when I see people like Shia LaBeouf parading down the red carpet, paper bag lightly nestled over his head – probably to keep the thoughts in – acting as though the world that once revolved around him has come to an untimely stand-still.

We’ve seen it before and we’ll continue to see it in the flash-pan-fizzled lives of the everyday celebrity. Like a wrecking ball, Miley Cyrus tore down the walls of her teen idol facade, Joaquin Phoenix went from Man In Black to freestyling drifter and Vanilla Ice is…cooking, or renovating homes or something. In a culture so dependent on the present and the significance of trends, the need for attention becomes the most addictive drug of all.

The celebrity limelight – magnified by the interwebs to an extraordinary degree.

The whole ideology behind the worth of a celebrity hangs on this notion of the viral. In a world where fortunes can be built on a photogenic marathon runner, or a photo of a grumpy cat, it’s not surprising to find the lengths people will go to in order for a glimpse of notoriety. The ever-climbing internet presence brought with it the opportunity for anyone to become a sensation and enjoy their fleeting fame – Justin Bieber was able to ride that train into full-blown celebrity, even if it has been lost to the blackened void of douchebaggery. Yet in the reality of endless content, our ability to focus on any piece of information for longer than a few minutes has lead to the insatiable desire for the latest trend.

The celebrity limelight is a cruel creature. It showers you with love and adoration, building you up as a temporary deity before whipping away the curtain of relevance to reveal the perishable pariah that you truly are. For celebrities this pain is felt twice as hard – a life of luxury and psychological pandering have left many starved for attention, and once it is torn away the sheer desperation forces its way through the cracks left behind.

To take a more homeward-bound example, let’s take a look at Schapelle Corby; Australia’s once-detained diva who is slowly shuffling her way into the clutches of infamous eminence. While the whole ordeal has been a harrowing exchange of broken promises and prolonged heartbreak, Schapelle’s case has managed to become a fervently talked about topic for almost a decade. She has bolstered herself as a household name, and cemented herself into the iconic claws of fame.

Within a few hours of her release and parole in Indonesia the papers were flying; interview deals were speculated, figures were tossed openly and abundantly. Buildings were raided, people questioned – the hype was slowly climbing and the celebrity factor is slowly pushing its way to the forefront of Schapelle’s image.

It’s gone a little quiet since her initial release for a variety of reasons, but there are two ways this can go: either Schapelle will maintain a level-head by keeping to herself and trying to maintain some semblance of normal life…or the fame bug will bite, and her face and facts will be plastered on every corner of modern media.

So, Schapelle, make the right choice. Don’t pull yourself down the road that so many LaBeouf’s have taken before you – fight back in the name of normalcy and revel in the life of the unspectacular.

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