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Lyndi Cohen is The nude nutritionist, an Accredited Practising Dietitian who believes that diets cause more harm than good. She adopts humour and common sense to help frequent flying dieters learn to fall back in love with food.

S&M: Beyoncé as a role model? Maybe not…

There is no doubt about it – Beyoncé is a powerhouse.

She is one of the biggest acts in the world, a self-made millionaire, and recipient of 17 Grammys.

Based on her impressive CV, it is clear that this “independent woman” is willing to go the distance to get results.

It therefore comes as no surprise to hear that the singer regularly adopts rather extreme behaviours to maintain a very slim weight for her frame. Beyoncé has previously referred to herself “a natural fat person, just dying to get out.”

At the Grammys last month, the world was shocked by her controversial weight loss following a strict 22-day vegan diet. If the reports are to be believed, the once bootylicious star now wears an Australian size six.

Unfortunately this is not the first time the singer’s fluctuating weight has received more attention than her high-energy performances.

In 2006, Beyoncé made the Master Cleanse famous, an extreme two-week ‘diet’ that replaces solid food with laxatives and a vile mix of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup.

After giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy, the singer quickly lost almost 30kg by following a very low calorie diet and exercising for at least two hours a day.

Although these extreme diets can result in temporary weight loss, they can prove costly for your health.

It has been shown that dieting makes you more prone to disease, emotionally unstable and it can set you up for future weight gain. Decades of research confirm that for us ordinary folk, the pursuit of weight loss rarely produces long-term results. In fact, the science suggests that dieting is a strong predictor of weight gain.


Beyoncé admits to going to great lengths to maintain her body.

“I am not naturally skinny… I go through agonies to keep my stomach as flat as possible – though it is never flat enough for me.”

Frequent dieting is also an expensive past time. Queen B forks out the funds for a personal nutritionist, personal trainer and gourmet chef to help her maintain her body.

Unfortunately for us mere mortals, adopting extreme diets that promise quick results will only leave you with debt, guilt and a pair of love handles.

The good news is that health and happiness can be achieved without wiring your jaw shut. Hooray!

If you are hungry for a solution that doesn’t involve deprivation and carrot sticks, then heed my advice – the fast track to health and happiness is to ditch the diet, listen to your internal hunger cues and get back to eating fresh, whole foods.

Care enough about your body to look beyond what it looks like and focus on what it feels like.

Then you’ll truly be an independent woman…or man…and a healthy one at that.

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