If Jennifer Lawrence were to delve into the soul-sucking realm of reality TV, you can be sure that the name of her show would be called Everybody Loves J-Law.

Because everybody does, right?

We love it when she stumbles on the red carpet, or falls flat on her face when she’s going to accept an award. It shows us that she’s not another Hollywood robot who can glide across the floor and wipe away the modest tears that she’s prettily shed.

We all cheer whenever she loudly proclaims to be craving any sort of fatty food while she dazzles in a gorgeous designer gown.


Because Hollywood stars don’t eat “real” food!

We say, “Good on her!” when we read about her remarks on body image and how she’ll never be as skinny as the other actresses we see on our screens. How do we know that? Because she eats like a “caveman” and would rather be “chubby on screen and like a person in real life.”

We think that the idea of being her BFFL is totally possible because she’s not some stuck-up thespian who lives and breathes acting. Instead she admits that acting is “stupid” and makes us all collectively fawn over her honesty.

But would we all (by all, I mean we J-Law devotees) be cheering and crushing on anybody else making these same comments?

If another actress were to fall on her face at an awards ceremony would we laugh with her, pat her on the back, and say “You old klutz!” or would we cringe and read up on all the possible dramatic backstories that would explain her misstep?

Should we be offended by her (unintentional) body-shaming of slimmer girls through her anti-fat shaming attitudes? Commenting that she would rather look chubby and like a real person is fantastic for women who happen to be a bit larger, but is it an entirely positive message to send out to young female fans who just so happen to be naturally slim?

If larger actresses like Gabourey Sidibe began raving to every interviewer about the food she happens to be hiding in her purse, would everyone really be encouraging her, or would she be fat-shamed into oblivion?

And if Anne Hathaway, Queen of the media’s “Love-to-Hate Club”, was to say acting is stupid, would we throw stones and boycott her next film?

I like Jennifer Lawrence, I do.

But I sometimes have to wonder who I like more – J-Law or her PR team?

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