Is anyone that shocked by today’s resignation of Barry O’Farrell?

Yup, if you hadn’t heard, Bazza is gone as a result of the ICAC investigation and the discovery of a somewhat incriminating note that suggests he might have received a certain bottle of delicious alcoholic beverage despite not recalling so.

Let me make it clear – I’m absolutely, categorically in NO WAY suggesting he is the corruptible type.

In fact, if anything he comes across as such a normal “kind old uncle who wears a smelly mothball jumper and doesn’t mind a nip of Porter who you only see at Christmas” type…right?

And I liked it when he got a bit emotional about the same-sex marriage thing last year…he likes the gays. That can’t make him too bad a fellow.

It even made me stop using the twitter tag #OFail when I was referring to him in the tweetsphere.

However, even as I read various bits of the MSM this morning, I had this slow, creeping feel that something was going to come unstuck.

We’ve heard the “I don’t recall” argument far too often from our politicians, most recently from Arthur Sinodinos when he also fronted ICAC – in fact Sinodinos didn’t recall or recollect a hell of a lot. Not such the sharp Treasury type he apparently is with all that forgetting stuff…and maybe we won’t be seeing him back assistant Treasuring in the too distant future, despite PM Tony Abbott’s assurances to the contrary…

And yeah I get it that it’s easy to forget stuff – I’m sure if I challenged you to remember every intimate detail of your life, you’d be unable to – I mean, FFS I forget what I said to someone last week half the time, let alone remember receiving a really expensive bottle of wine several years ago…

BUT surely people…surely when it comes to money, and big gifts, and pretty shiny things….

Surely not recalling sounds a bit silly, right?

A bit of a cop out even?

And then when a certain little thank you note is presented…with your signature on it…and with a stamp with something like, oh say, “Premier of New South Wales” on it…well, for me at least, the “I don’t recall” thing seems a little tired, right?

Maybe we need to start issuing our politicians with Ginseng or Fatty Fish oils or a subscription to Lumosity?

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