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Smoke Puff: “The Real Housewives of Melbourne”, the C-word…and lawyers

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Ok, so I’m sitting here mid-afternoon watching The Real Housewives of Melbourne…for work.


It’s the only reason I would watch it.

Alright, alright, before one of my friends outs me, admission, guilty as charged, I did watch most of Season 1 despite being an angry “I-hate-reality-TV” ranter in my piece on the Logies recently.

So sue me.

Yet, let’s be honest, how could you not watch this train-wreck of a show, and the ridiculous way the women on it decided (or were urged…) to portray themselves for some good old-fashioned entertainment.


The show was TV GOLD. The housewives should have won a joint Gold Logie for the show’s absolute, nonsensical nature – effectively a televised carnival freak sideshow at its best/worst, replete with bearded lady, snake charmer, contortionist, sword swallower and a carnie or two.

I’ll leave it to you to decide who is who in the housewife zoo…pretty obvious I woulda thought.

So, let’s talk @Gina_Liano.

Confession – I love her.

Not “love” love – just love the way she rolls.

Which leads me to lawyers.

Last week we published a piece by Les Cohen , a lawyer, and how we shouldn’t tar all those in the profession with the same brush.

I agree with him – I know some lawyers. I like them. They’re certainly not all dodgy, money-grubbing meanies.

In fact, some of my favourite people are lawyers.

Which in turn leads me back to Gina.

You are an insignificant arse hair

For those who did watch the Real Housewives of Melbourne, it became fairly obvious, even just a few episodes in, that her story arc was being constructed as the bad girl of the show who falls back on her profession to justify her actions or protect her interests.

The reunion, however, has taken the show to a whole other level (no wait, that would be to an even deeper low) that had even my jaw drop.

Sure – Gina has come out with a few “pearlers” that don’t paint her in the best light, my favourite being “You are an insignificant arse hair” directed at her nemesis on the show, Andrea.

And, maybe, to use one of the most bleeped out words on the show, Gina comes across as a bit of a…well, “C”, at least when captured off-camera.

But you know, if being brutally honest and trying to protect yourself makes you a “C”, I think we might all have to wear that title occasionally…or often in my case.

Throughout the two reunion episodes, “the lawyer” thing has been prominent on so many levels, used by nearly all the housewives in the presentation of their respective arguments about anything to do with Gina, certainly their grievances, and often in their attacks on her.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that in some way both she, and the fact that she is a lawyer, are being focused on, and, in some odd way, victimised.



Your call.

(PS  – there is going to be Season 2 of the Real Housewives of Melbourne…no I am not going to watch it…I don’t think… unless I HAVE to for work… #justsaying)

Bugeja (PB)

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