There’s no doubt that phones are great, but they can also be a huge distraction.

Don’t think so?

Check this out…

The incredible amount of time we spend on our smartphones can have a negative impact on our relationships, productivity and our general outlook on life.

What’s worse is that more studies are showing that always being “connected” can distract us from living in the moment.

Now, imagine if you could spend the time that you take looking at your phone doing something else – like things that improve your well-being, life satisfaction and overall happiness?

Well, the reality is that it’s possible to reclaim your time and the solution is simple: put down your phone! Taking a break from your phone is a great opportunity to slow down, boost your creativity and get some perspective. This month try going one day without your phone and if you find yourself itching to grab your phone, try these 10 activities before giving in:

  1. Fix something – Get productive by fixing the wobbly cabinet door or dripping tap you’ve been meaning to repair for months
  2. Make a playlist – Make a playlist full of your favourite tunes and upload it to your iPod for when you do #8
  3. Pick up a pen – Draw a self-portrait, handwrite and mail a letter, write up a To-Do list or pen a story
  4. Volunteer – Volunteer your time with an organisation or cause that you are passionate about
  5. Get zany – Try a new hairstyle, paint your nails or face a crazy colour, do everything with your non-dominant hand, stand on your head or watch a foreign movie without subtitles
  6. Learn something new – Learn how to juggle, play chess, do a card trick or say ‘hello’ in 10 different languages
  7. Tidy up – Make your bed, vacuum the house, wash your car or de-weed the garden
  8. Get out – Go for a hike, explore the city on your bike, visit your local park and fly a kite or take a road trip to somewhere you’ve never been before
  9. Be kind to your body – Make yourself yawn, have a bath, stretch, floss your teeth or catch up on much needed sleep
  10. Get crafty – Create an inspiration board, bake a cake, plant a tree, have a paper airplane competition or make a collage

OK, now it’s your turn.

For some extra motivation, visit Promise or Pay * and take the #POPMAY challenge to turn off your phone for one day.

It will be well worth the struggle, because even if you can’t make it a full 24 hours without your phone, you’ll have the chance to do some good via Promise or Pay. If you end up giving in, you’ll have the chance to donate to Cercle Social’s Computer Lab Project, a program that provides comprehensive computer classes and ongoing access to technology for students at Tori Agouako High School.

So go ahead, give your phone a break. Not only will you give yourself a well needed rest, but your friends, family and the students of Tori Agouako will appreciate it.

* Promise or Pay is an online honour system that allows you to publicly promise to do something or pay a nominated amount to a charity if you don’t follow through.

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