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Morgan Poll’s most admired public figures for 2013

Yesterday Roy Morgan released the findings of a 2013 survey of 10,000 people or so over the age of 14 in which they asked –

Please write down the names of three public figures you admire the most

The results?

Of the Top 10, seven of the most admired public figures for 2013 were Aussies and three were not, with those three non-Aussies sitting in the Top Five.

And those three were, not overly surprisingly –  Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela and “she who must be obeyed” (at least until we are a Republic – giddy up Malcolm T and co) The Queen.

The US President topped the table, taking out 12.7 percent of the vote (with a fairly even split between men and women), Madiba came in at No.3 with 10.9 percent and Dear Lizzie rounded out the Top Five at fifth place with 7.4 percent.

The two Aussies that took their place in the Top Five absolutely bamboozled me…but, on reflection, make absolute sense.

At No. 2 with 12.3 percent of the vote was our first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

You know the lady. “Juliar”. The “witch who should be ditched”. “Bob Brown’s bitch”. A woman who, according to one right-wing commentator with so much hatred in his heart that I’m surprised he can actually get a word out on air given the vitriol that constantly chokes his throat, “should be put out to sea in a chaff bag“.

Yes, that fine woman.

And at No. 5?

‘The Iron Man”, at least according to Dubya. “Teflon Johnny” to Paul Keating.  Or simply John Winston Howard to the rest of us, who took out 7.7 percent of the vote – yet another ex-Prime Minister who was also vastly polarising and had just as many detractors as Gillard…well, not quite so many, but certainly his share.

Rounding out the Top Ten…

(6) Tony Abbott @ 6.9 percent

(7) Kevin Rudd @ 6.8 percent

(8) Quentin Bryce @ 6.4 percent

(9) Malcolm Turnbull @ 4.2 percent

(10) Dick Smith @ 4.0 percent

What does all this mean?

Thinking back on 2013, a lot of the people in the Top Ten figured prominently in the media, so it stands to reason that they might have been at the forefront of people’s minds when asked who their most admired public figures were.

But for this cynical observer (yes, that’s me, I know, go figure, I’m really a big softie in actuality…right…), these results speak volumes.

In what way?

What they prove is that no matter what spin is spun by MPs on either side of the House about those on the opposite benches…

No matter what polls allege about the election prospects of one politician or another…

No matter how much bias and vitriol and, let’s face it, lies, certain politically-aligned media yell at their readers about one person or another…

Despite all this hue and cry, most human beings push through the BS and still find themselves able to admire certain people for certain qualities.

Enough said.

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