Recommended Long Reads: Tom Cruise, World Cup 2014 and Ta-Nehisi Coates

Soccer’s Deadliest Fans: The Troubled World of Brazil’s ‘Organizadas’ – James Young (Rolling Stone)

The Football (not Soccer) World Cup 2014 in Brazil is approaching and Rolling Stone reporter James Young meets and analyses the football gangs of the country. The article takes us through their obsession with the sport and why they attach themselves to these factions. The embedded videos give a sense of the fans’ passion, while the article makes it  seem fairly meaningless when people have been murdered.

The Case for Reparations – Ta-Nehisi Coates (The Atlantic)

If you want an inkling as to the kinds of things the African American community is subjected to, its history and how that continues to influence what currently ails its people, read Tal-Nehisi Coates. His new article calls for reparations for the black community, forcefully told, interesting and persuasive. Reflecting on his article on his blog he says:

I rarely hope for my writing to have any effect. But I confess that I hope this piece makes people feel a certain kind of way. I hope it makes a certain specimen of intellectual cowardice and wilful historical ignorance less acceptable. More, I hope it mocks people who believe that a society can spend three and a half centuries attempting to cripple a man, fifty years offering half-hearted aid, and then wonder why he walks with a limp.

How YouTube and Internet Journalism Destroyed Tom Cruise, Our Last Real Movie Star  – Amy Nicholson (LAWeekly)

Amy Nicholson profiles Tom Cruise and that infamous Oprah interview where he jumped on the sofa. She explains how the Internet, via celebrity blogs and YouTube, changed the reality of what actually happened, because in essence the truth doesn’t matter – it is what people perceive that matters most.


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