How do you feel about smoking?

What I hate most about it is the smell. You know that moment when you’re walking along or sitting comfortably on the grass and all of a sudden that noxious odour invades your personal space, making you feel violated and extremely annoyed.

And I’m a smoker.

The truth of the matter is, when I am smoking, I love it.

When I am not smoking, the smoke is an unwelcome invader of the worst kind.

The Daily Telegraph recently published an article about women smokers and the unglamorous effects that come with the habit. These include wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, a dull, yellow-grey complexion, and a break-down in collagen supply to the skin.

Basically all the ingredients you need to help accelerate the aging process.

So, I took to the streets to take a few snaps of real smokers and non-smokers to see how accurate the information in the article was. I asked each woman whether or not they thought it was sexy or attractive to smoke. I probed their personal opinions at the beginning, before showing them some pictures of celebrities with a fag in their mouths to see if their opinions could be swayed.

It should be noted that five of the ten interviewed were smokers and five were non-smokers.

But we will let you decide if you can pick them out – and their opinion of whether or not it is sexy doesn’t mean they are smokers.


So there you have it.

Is smoking sexy?

Word on the street from the gals is – NO!

I’m still going to smoke, but I will do so considerately.


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