Clive Palmer agreeing to Motoring Enthusiasts Party Senate Elect candidate Ricky Muir losing his media maidenhood at the hands of the legendary Mike Willesee was…vergin’ on the ridiculous.

In one brutal Sunday Bloody “SUNDAY” interview on the Seven Network, Muir “came out” of hiding, painfully “losing his media cherry” and ended up systematically “screwed”.

In the clearest modern example of the biblical phrase “Lambto the slaughter” (and I thought it would be Jacqui Lambi), despite being coached on camera by Willesee, Ricky Muir fumbled and bumbled and eventually called for a glass of water.

And as Willesee’s biggest bunny for decades was caught in the blinding glare of some very high-beam, dual motoring enthusiast sized headlights, Daddy Warbucks is seen in the background still miked up, turned ON…and heard giving the other lambs their song sheet instructions.

Willesee must have thought all his political interview birthdays had come at once in the form of Ricky Muir, with GST icing and a big John Hewson cherry on top.

For all his bravado and cockiness around the media, Clive Palmer showed on Sunday that he still has a lot to learn about media management. Can’t wait to see the selection criteria on PUP’s ad tomorrow – an “Exciting Media position opening up with a dynamic organisation”…“Demonstrated and proven ability to herd cats…”

It’s ok to get into bed with the media, but once you’re there, don’t forget the “only a cuddle” promise almost always ends up…well, it gets messy.

It’s impressive that your nous and endeavour gets you a theme park, a shed full of rollers and your own jet, but if you come to Canberra, seemingly to rub people’s noses in it, you will pay through the nose.

Modern politics demands modern media management.

The old saying “Money talks and bullshit walks” is under threat with the arrival of Clive Palmer.

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