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S&M: Twitter, the “open letter” and Caitlin Stasey

Caitlin Stasey V Bindi Irwin? Serious?

Much like the infamous East Coast – West Coast USA hip hop rivalry, feuds on Twitter are common, petty and unnecessarily excessive.

This week’s “Twitter feud” stars Bindi Irwin. During an interview with News Corp, Bindi said she felt “really bad” for girls her age “wearing revealing clothes or hardly wearing any clothes at all”, further adding that these girls would “regret” this in 10 years.

Supposed champion of the other side of the argument, Caitlin Stasey (no judgement, but I’ve never heard of her) responded in an “open letter” (open tweet?) to Bindi Irwin via Twitter, accusing her of a “damaging” opinion and claimed that in 10 years she’ll wish she stood beside her shared sex, rather than be proud of belittling their choices and agency.

(Ed’s note – Caitlin copped a massive spray for this…)

While I understand the sentiments of both women, Caitlin’s comments resonate with me as I believe we should be able to dress as we choose and be free from any clothing-choice judgement. Mind you, at such a young age, Irwin has already done her father’s legacy proud and contributed significantly to her environment – she is developing into a fine young role model.

On a side note, what is with these “open letters”?

For example, I’m sure you’ll remember Sinead O’Connor’s open letters to Miley Cyrus and the ensuing brouhaha.

Maybe they’re healthy? I mean, the letters were posted to the internet abyss, arms flailed, and now the situation seems, to me at least, to have abated.

We’ll never truly know whether Notorious B.I.G arranged for Tupac Shakur’s murder, but it makes me wonder – what if those guys had Twitter back then? They would have been able to write a series of open letters to each other and the world would now be richer for their continued musicianship.

Just look at where we are now, we still have Miley banging out killer tunes…

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