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S&M: NRL – Boys and their “toys” (put ’em away will you…)

Another week, and another NRL player who lives by (his) sword and dies (Ok, get’s sacked) by (showing us) the sword…

(for those of you who insist on seeing the Carney incident – it’s here)

What is it with Canberra Raiders players and their penises?

I posed this question on my Canberra radio show in 2010 in the wake of the Raiders’ Mad Monday celebrations resulting in a photo of  NRL player Joel Monaghan ’s privates allegedly in a dog’s mouth, then going viral on social media.

This came after Carney’s infamous “last straw” incident in 2008 in which it was alleged he urinated on a fellow patron’s head at the All Bar Nun nightspot in suburban O’Connor.  It’s rumoured the patron was lying on the floor near the urinal.

Two champion NRL Canberra Raiders players…two penises…two sensational sackings.

Joe Blogs flops it out inappropriately, he’s in the slammer for the night. High-profile NRL sports stars get Mr Wobbly out for a look, more latitude is given.  Many callers to our show at the time, including women in their 50s, couldn’t see what all the fuss was about in the Monaghan case – several running the “boys will be boys” line.

And immortal Joey Johns has leapt to Todd’s defence this weekend after yet another penis surfaced.

We got the exclusive on the Monaghan story after the uploader was snubbed by the Raiders and the Daily Telegraph.  All he asked was to have his voice altered for the interview as his safety had been threatened.

Seemed nobody would touch the Monaghan Penis story even with the proverbial pole.

As for Carney, we’d get a tip-off on his “alleged” exploits on a weekly basis, even after he departed the capital.  Many were just too outrageous to even bother calling his manager.

At 28 Todd Carney is  older, richer but sadly, no wiser.

He is still running the risk of pissing it all up against a wall.


(Ed’s note – Carney has since been sacked by the Sharks…)



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