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Family Feud – “This is when you know we’re going to hell…”

Let’s admit it – at some point in our lives we’ve all been a little secretly (or not so secretly) hooked on one game show or another…and Family Feud might just have been one of our childhood favourites, right?

Well, for anyone pooh-poohing the idea of this (“Like duh, as if I’d watch that inane crap” …but you’d watch Jordie Shore or The Voice, right…Mmmhmmmm…), at the very least don’t discount the potential for quite deep sociological insights as to where societal attitudes are about certain issues that can, believe it or not, be gained from these shows.

“Surely not??”, you cry in disbelief.

How could Family Feud offer anything more than a bit of harmless suburban fun?

Ladies and gentleman – Exhibit A… (get a load of Steve Harvey’s face – even if it is staged or a set up, it’s damned priceless)


So if Family Feud can go there, what next…?

Who wants to be Mowie-wowie-air?

Spliff of the Century?

Wheel of Hoochdom?



The possibilities are endless…

Feel free to add your comments about your those stoner game shows you’ve been working on between…umm…you know…herbal teas or whatever it is you do to get your creative juices flowing…


(Ok, so somebody did produce this, which might counter the point…but hey…)

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