With one in five Aussies turning up to work with a hangover, scientists may have the answer – they have found a way to make a worm immune to getting drunk…

Recent reports from the Australian Drug Foundation claim that one in five Aussies have turned up to work with a hangover or take a day off due to the effects of a weekend drug or alcohol binge.

These reports correlate with the recent op-ed featured in The Big Smoke discussing Australia’s drinking culture.

The idea that our extra-curricular activities could be negatively impacting our work is always something that has perplexed employers, with some even exercising their right to conduct random drug and alcohol tests despite a recent backlash by Unions against Endeavor Energy’s attempt to conduct urine tests throughout their organisation.

The report from the ADF surveyed that one in five people have admitted to being at work while drunk, tipsy or nursing a hangover and 40 percent still turned up to work knowing their bodies were affected by alcohol, with alcohol and drugs costing Australian businesses almost $6 billion dollars a year in productivity loss and time off work. It seems that many of us, while we have had the drink driving risks made clear, are still unaware that alcohol still affects our responsiveness and concentration, which will in turn impact our work day.

However, the head of workplace services, Phillip Collins, sees drug testing as only one aspect of combating this issue – with an emphasis on company policy and culture.

Well that is one way.

Another could come from neuroscientists at the University of Texas have who have created mutant worms that cannot get drunk. The idea is modifying a neuronal molecule that is responsive to alcohol in such a way that, despite consuming alcohol, the worm becomes desensitised and therefore cannot actually get drunk.

I know that this seems like it is the worse thing to do to anyone, but for those who are severely alcohol dependant or in alcohol abuse recovery programs, it could be the answer.

So far the research has only been conducted on animals, but it won’t be long until they could potentially test on humans – who wants to offer themselves up as research?

I think that Vodka may just end up becoming part of the food chain for you.

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