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S&M: Feminism – “Equality” and “Equity” are two very different things

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After seeing the “Women against Feminism” page somehow slip into her news feed, Sadie O’Grady, blood boiling, felt she needed to respond…


Well, social media, this week you just made my blood boil.

The “Women against Feminism” page just happened to pop up in my news feed, shared by a friend of a friend.

Seriously, what the…?

What I find so offensive about this page is a complete lack of understanding in regards to what “Feminism” actually is. Perhaps these young women have been so indoctrinated by the patriarchal media and advertising landscape that they really are that naïve.

If you think feminism is about man-hating, then clearly you don’t know the definition.

“Equality” and “Equity” are two very different things.

Check out posts on Tumblr of young women holding signs purporting to have some kind of idea about what “feminism” stands for…


C’mon – these “women” really need to educate themselves in regards to the subjugation of their gender.

Hey ladies, looks like you all have access to the Internet, perhaps you had an education (though one would wonder at the poor grammar and spelling on your posts), maybe you still have your genitalia un-mutilated so you can experience orgasm. Do you have access to clean water in your area? Hey there girl! Yo! Bitches and Hos! Are you being sold for a dollar on the sex slave streets of Cambodia at 11? Perhaps you don’t get stoned in your neck of the woods for not satisfying your “boyfriend that treats you right.” Hey there slapper! Why don’t you shave your armpit hair, you feminazi freak, and get into that size-8 bikini and give people something attractive to look at while you are advertising a car. Do you sluts vote? Because some feminist suffragette frigid whore got you that right. Don’t worry! You lush tramps can get in to the Public Bar now.

Oh, and excuse the language – all of these terms are common vernacular for describing WOMEN.

Perhaps in your Euro-centric narcissistic bubbles you are completely equal to the other people in your life.

Yeah, we don’t need feminism, right?


  1. thebigsmoke said:

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  2. BrilliantIce said:

    LOL who are you talking to? You have lots of comments here! Lesson to kids: Don’t drink and comment LOL

  3. anotherrandomuser said:

    Hit a nerve did I. Block my account eh? Because you don’t like the fact that i am right. You can’t handle people who disagree with you?

  4. randomuser said:

    The deletion of my first comment proves this. Now your going to block this comment to hide it

  5. randomuser said:

    Like i said “You going to block this comment aren’t you because you can’t handle anyone who has a different option then you.”

  6. randomuser said:

    $5 says your not going to approve my comment

  7. randomuser said:

    Typical feminist, when you can’t hold an argument just criticize my spelling and punctuation. here is some for free. whet doo u tink aboot me spellin nowe. Also if you have problems with humans rights around the world. Go over to these third world nations and DO SOMETHING. Rather than sitting around in Australia complaining about how hard your life is. In a country that has clean water, electricity and more than enough food.

  8. Grace said:

    Well written Sadie…and for those below..if that is the best that you can do for a critique..then god help us all…. For too long woman who have achieved in the past, are simply disregarded, when it comes to understanding what women take for granted now….it is only when these young women live more of life and make sacrifices for others, rather than being so self-absorbed, that they will truly understand what feminism is…and to is ‘opinion not option’ that you were looking for in your last sentence. 🙂

  9. Sadie O'Grady said:

    I believe “randomuser” you may mean “opinion” rather than “option”…and yes as a female living in a western hegemonic patriarchal society, like many of the women on that tumblr page, there are many privileges that come along with that. I find it offensive that there are many of our sisters (and brothers) around the world who still require basic fundamental human rights…and that is what feminism is at it’s core, the fight to create equity for women all over the world…the rest is semantics

  10. randomuser said:

    Don’t you think that these women would find it insulting that you tell them that “you don’t know what feminism is” like they’re an idiot. like they can’t think for themselves or perceive the environment around them. I’m glad to see that you hold other women who disagree with you to such high regard. You going to block this comment aren’t you because you can’t handle anyone who has a different option then you.

  11. randomuser said:

    Stop woman-plaining About what feminism is to these women.

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