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S&M: George Harrison might weep over Beetles…

A weird twist of fate has a tree planted in tribute to Beatles legend George Harrison being destroyed by…yeah, you guessed it, beetles…


Oh, the irony was near cripplingly funny.

Recently scrolling through the day’s news feed on Facebook, I came upon an article posted by one of the world’s most reputable sources when it comes to music, the NME, about how a tree in Los Angeles, planted in tribute to George Harrison, lead guitarist (NOT bass player, as erroneously reported by the NME – who said reputable??) of probably the greatest band in history, The Beatles, had been destroyed…by a fucking beetle infestation!!

How I laughed!

Monty Python, whose masterpiece Life Of Brian was produced by Harrison’s HandMade Films, couldn’t have even dreamed up such an amusing piece of comedic irony if they’d tried.

Beetle infestations or Beatles infestations for that matter wouldn’t have been anything new for George, who was used to somewhat different infestations in the shape of young women (or men if they were in France as described by George in The Beatles Anthology documentary series from 1995) clambering for a chance encounter with him, like a swarm of painted ladies on the first day of spring, or at home in the grounds of the estate he purchased in January 1970, Friar Park.

This is where Harrison had found that possibly his true calling wasn’t music.

It was gardening.

George, along with his wife Olivia, brothers Peter and Harry (really?? Harry Harrison?!) and a small team of grounds keepers transformed these overgrown and neglected grounds into something of a utopia. Harrison, ever the perfectionist, become so obsessed by gardening, that he would garden at night time so as not to see any imperfections that would drive him crazy during the day.

So, when I read a tree that was planted in 2004 in memory of George, who died of lung cancer in 2001, had been destroyed by a beetle infestation, I imagined George sitting there, somewhere, wherever he may be, just as he was on the front cover of his 3rd album All Things Must Pass, looking chilled…only with that amused smile he had, the one that looked as though he was trying to stifle a yawn, thanking god that its not him this time that has to worry about the gardening.


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