You know those online reviews you sometimes write cause you’re pi$$ed off about a product or business? Check out how one US hotel is dealing with their haters… 


Imagine if every time you had a soggy pizza ordered via Menulog and you dared write an online review that was less than flattering, that you were fined $500 by the company, even if you are a guest at a wedding party…

Because, you know, freedom of speech and customer satisfaction is silly, right?

Well that is exactly what a New York-based boutique hotel is apparently doing. Anyone who writes a negative online review about their establishment is being fined $500, even if they were just a guest at a wedding the hotel hosted. Because they are obviously really secure about their excellent customer service and want guests to be satisfied with ambiguous and even condescending policies.

If you check out their Yelp ratings you can see that they have plenty of disgruntled customers, and in an environment that is getting more and more competitive, it’s surprising, and perhaps arrogant, that they aren’t taking a different approach to their brand.

Maybe they skipped the business class that taught “No customers, You go broke”.

Going through all the online reviews on Yelp can be time consuming, but then you may see a positive five-star response. This review is by an articulate young gentleman called Brandon who says “…..Aw kinds of bad bitches innat ho! The maids told us that we could smoke weed in the room if we kept it down. But we always b smokin loud so you know the manager was at the door in 20. We thought he was gunna trip, but he was mad coo! 6/10 would stay again. PS. 6 is my fav number doe.”

So maybe everyone else is wrong?

Maybe they are just bad bitches innat ho? You know?

Maybe we all just misunderstood and our expectations are too high.

Regardless, TBS has decided to give Urban Street Guest house a massive thumbs down. I will check out our PO box for their $500 invoice I assume is coming (you have to make revenue somehow, right?)


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