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Smoke Puff: MenXclusive reveal all (well not “all”) to TBS

Attending Sexpo Sydney, Natasha Mann got cozy with the all-male strip troupe MenXclusive to find out what it’s like from the other side of hen-night objectification…


We women sometimes indulge in a little objectification every now and then. The dance tables first turned in the 70’s when the Chippendales flexed their muscles, and what was underground became mainstream “hen night” expectation.

I am going to take a blind shot here and say that women view watching a troupe of male strippers as raucous fun. I am going to take an even blinder shot and say that men viewing women at a strip club do not really enter the venue with the same mentality.

I bet, yes I bet, it would be heaps more fun being a male stripper because women can be screamingly, insanely enthusiastic about a hot dancing male body and then happily roll home to their real man who looks nothing like the stripper. And why do women scream? Because they don’t go down to the strip club every week. Or month. Or even year. They go on rare special occasions like hen nights or once a year singles getting together for drunk…I mean drinks.

So it is a blue moon objectifying visual treat deserving of some behaviour which is nuts.

What is it like from the other side is what I wanted to know.

What is it like to cater to my screaming female pals?

Coming across them at Sexpo, I asked the lads from MenXclusive  (Dean, Felipe, Stav, Sid, Liam) a few questions about their naked jobs and they, like true gentlemen, obliged…


Image: Supplied by interviewees


What sort of audience makes you uneasy?    

Dean: there isn’t any really…we ensure we have a blast with most of our clients.

(Damn, I wanted specifics here, like one of my best friends.)


Do people steal your undies?             

Felipe: YES…ooo…that has happened on more than one occasion!

(And what do you do with these undies ladies? Wear them? Frame them? Use them as a teapot cosy?)


How many times had you been a patron of a male strip club before becoming one?

Stav: A lot more than I can count. We support the industry most of the time.

(Good lads. Workplace camaraderie is important.)


Who would make you nervous if they were in the audience?     

Sid: Justin Timberlake or Jessica Biel…yes now they would really get me sweating.

(Well, they’d probably get anyone sweating and you guys would have to worry the least.)


Can you sing?

Liam: Yes we sing…whistle…what ever it takes to entertain the audience.

(Not sure if Liam misinterpreted this: I meant can you sing not do you sing. But actually, who the hell cares if they can sing or not?)


Professional stripper career span is usually how many years?

Sid: Twenty years only if you push hard enough train everyday and keep healthy.


Do female or male patrons have more self-control?

Dean: Definitely male. Woman really let their hair down when they on a ladies night out.

(Aww. How polite, Dean. I bet you have to practice your dance routine sans music because half the time you wouldn’t be able to hear anything but screaming.)


Date clients?

Liam: No. MEnXclusive has a strict rule not to. We prefer to keep business professional.


Do you send selfies? Who to? Are you clothed?

Everyone: YES we love a good selfie…naked…not naked…why not? Whoever has us on snapchat or has our phone number.



Natasha Mann

Natasha has a Masters from UNSW in Literature which, simply put, means she likes to read and ponder. She uses a pseudonym because we all do it: when avataring into the un-pc gaming character, when joining an online dating site, when giving editorial criticism or when robbing a bank. But she mainly uses it so as not to embarrass anyone when it's her turn to do volunteer school tuck-shop duty. She likes to write about sex. She hopes you like to read and ponder too.

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