Kylie Beach and other Love Makes A Way protesters took their peaceful  protest to the electoral office of Treasurer Joe Hockey on Tuesday, hoping to end the inhumane detention of asylum seekers…


At 10.30 on Tuesday morning, I entered Mr Hockey’s North Sydney office as part of a group of nine to peacefully protest the Abbott Government’s asylum seeker policy.

As in the previous five protests undertaken by Love Makes A Way, a nationwide movement of Christians, our group was an eclectic mix of characters who differed in age and denomination.

People like Margaret Coffey, a 74-year-old retired nurse who, in her own words “had never broken the law except maybe to get a parking ticket once.”

Asked to leave by Mr Hockey’s staff, we respectfully declined to do so until we had received a timetabled commitment from the government to release every one of the 895 children currently in immigration detention centres.

Settling in, we prayed as a group for change in our national asylum seeker policy, for our leaders to do what is right, and for our generous national spirit to rise up.

When police arrived at 1pm, we were still praying, as we were when six of our group were arrested and forced to leave Mr Hockey’s office.

And as we continued to do later, when the charges had been dropped, ever believing that love will indeed make a way for all children to be released from detention.

Love Makes A Way have been holding a series of rolling peaceful protests at the current government’s asylum seeker policy, targeting both sides of politics in an attempt to ensure the release of children currently being held in detention. TBS first covered Love Makes A Way back in late June when the Reverend Jarrod McKenna wrote a piece for us outlining the movement and its aims.

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