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S&M: Social Studies 101 – Poor people do drive cars Mr Hockey

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Treasurer Smokin’ Joe Hockey kicks another “own goal” for the Abbott government with his latest revelations about poor people #PoorJoe #OtherThingsPoorDontDo


According to Treasurer Joe Hockey the car park at your local university may soon have more spaces.

He didn’t actually say that, but what he did say is that “the poorest people either don’t have cars or actually don’t drive very far”.

So, if his new budget does get through the Senate, one category of these new “poor people” will be students who will not only pay more at the bowser but will also be slugged further with increased HECS fees.

Perhaps this is just one big sinister scheme to get the elderly off our roads as well, since soon they will become “poor people” too.

The burden of expense and poverty is going to be compounded. Most people who are struggling are living in poor areas not by choice, while working jobs that are some distance away. It’s all they can afford. I’m sure they’d love to be able to live closer to where they work instead of having to “drive far”. This means their car is an essential work tool, unlike Joe who is just a jabbering tool who travels.

This stupid statement regarding poor people not driving was made by Joe when defending the fact that he wants to raise the price of fuel. Keep in mind that this was after he said he wanted to cut funding to public transport. He didn’t back down from his stance on poor people driving but this was purely out of stubbornness. You can see on his face, behind that Cheshire grin that betrays his confidence, that he knows “I shouldn’t have said that” as he is being chauffeured to work in his Com car.

Bill Shorten poetically described Joe as a “cigar chomping foghorn leghorn.”

I’d shorten the sentence to one word while keeping the letter “c” intact.

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