Not that we are relationship gurus or anything, but TBS wants to share the love about important relationship matters…and this involves washing dishes and stuff…apparently…


Here at TBS we really care about your relationships.

Ok, not really, because we are dead inside.

But if we did care, we would refer you to a recent study that showed couples are more likely to have a stronger, longer-lasting relationship if they shared boring household chores than if they had lots of sex. The study also identified that it took a year and two months before a relationship truly blossoms into true love.

The idea around these findings is that it’s far more important to say “I love you” and do the vacuuming in turns than it is to plan huge romantic gestures (and sleep with the neighbour). It is about being realistic about your time together rather than trying to recreate scenes from The Notebook.

I guess the point of this poll is to see that carrying the load together, sharing duties and being aware of playing equal roles in the household leads to longevity.

This follows the recent findings that excessive television watching is bad for your relationship and could potentially lead to your partner cheating on you in their mind with the character of whatever show it is you are watching compulsively. And, at TBS we already are perfectly aware that romance is creepy – not that we are bitter or lonely or anything at all.

Neither are we turned on by the purchase of a new washing machine.

(Ed’s note – speak for yourself – I love whitegoods…and all of mine have lasted longer than any relationship I’ve had. Plus you can sell them when you’re done…#winwin)

The poll also identified that simple things like planning trips together and sharing mutual friends was important in cementing the relationship. Apparently, you are far less likely to stick together if you have opposing views when it comes to finances and living arrangements, regardless of how disgustingly romantic you may be.

I know one guy who goes from girlfriend to girlfriend, completely unable to stick at anything long term.

Considering he speaks in a baby voice when he is trying to be romantic, I will also assume he doesn’t offer to watch the dishes at night as a contributing factor to his failing love life.


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