S&M: Note to celebs – Ricky Gervais is MEANT to be funny (FFS…)

Did Ricky Gervais overstep the line with his comments about the celebrity nudie selfies that were stolen from the cloud, or was he just being funny? #gofigurehesacomedian


Over the weekend, Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Kristen Dunst and allegedly 100 more celebrities fell victim to a hacker exposing their nude photos…with Kirsten Dunst tweeting ‘Thank you iCloud‘, suggesting the fault lies with an Apple flaw.

This isn’t the first time nude photos of a celebrity have been leaked – remember when Paris Hilton had the entire contents of her storage unit exposed?

It isn’t just pop and movie stars at risk of such public embarrassment. Just this week, a Swiss MP tweeted nude images of herself – while actually inside Parliament – before finally resigning.

So all of this is totally embarrassing, and a huge invasion of privacy…but it’s not a particularly new or isolated occurrence. Then, of course, Ricky Gervais stepped in by publishing the now deleted tweet “Celebrities: make it harder for hackers to get nude pics of you from your computer by not putting nude pics of yourself on the computer”.

That seems fair enough, and not too judgemental, but rather a bit of, well, common sense…maybe?

That didn’t stop people like Lena Dunham and other keyboard warriors from being offended. The anger would have been more understandable had Ricky made some ignorant comment that highlighted a lack of empathy over serious matters such as suicide…but this was a snarky suggestion, and one from a comedian at that! Ricky even backtracked with tweets justifying his joke. He didn’t need to. It was a joke, it wasn’t a big deal. It highlights that we shouldn’t blindly believe that everything is safe in the Cloud, and that security is paramount – hackers are moving at a rapid pace. It should also be noted that many of the uncovered photos had actually already been deleted – but still were able to be hacked, which is incredibly scary!

The reality is that these images were not ‘leaked’ but rather ‘stolen’. Big difference.

Yet, anyone trying to propose that 100 celebrities (or more) saving nude images of themselves on some device (even if they eventually deleted them) is any less weird than Ricky Gervais, a comedian, making a comedic observation about such is ridiculous. Lena even urged fans not to look at the images, reminding us all that the person who hacked the accounts was not, in fact, a hacker but rather a sex offender. Yes Lena, that is terrible…having said that, whenever I’ve been told not to eat ice-cream, human nature has kicked in and it has become obsessively all I could think about.

Lena making the point that a woman has the right to take naked images of herself, and should not be blamed or humiliated for that choice is absolutely correct, they are completely victims of a gross invasion of privacy that requires serious investigation into how that even occurred. But at the same time, is Lena’s point of view more valid than Ricky Gervais observation? The real question here is why are we constantly offended when a celebrity makes an off the cuff statement?

There have been plenty of times when a celebrity has tweeted something they perhaps shouldn’t have (Hi Steve Martin….) or made a joke at an inappropriate time that was insensitive (I am looking at you Gilbert Gottfried)….TBS is just unsure if the social media backlash fits the tweet-crime…

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