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Joan Rivers: Somewhere, some place, others are laughing – Oh grow up

Thanks for all the laughs, Joan Rivers – wherever you are now, we’re sure you’ll still be dropping ’em in their tracks with your irreverent, no-excuses, slap-em-down humour.  


Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is God’s gift, that’s why we call it the present.

Today, with the sad news of the death of Joan Rivers, not long after the passing of Robin Williams we lose another landmark comedian of our times, albeit one who had lived eighty odd years of life so jam-packed full of everything possible that most wouldn’t have been able to do what she had done in double that time.

I enjoy life when things are happening. I don’t care if it’s good things or bad things. That means you’re alive.

Has the world ever known someone so uncaring of other’s opinions, so ready to grab a laugh at almost anyone’s expense, and most often her own?

I’m in nobody’s circle, I’ve always been an outsider.

Maybe that last quote explains why Joan Rivers didn’t care – she was the outsider looking into the circles of life she passed through, and thus able to, well, let’s face it, pick the shit out of life and make us laugh about it, albeit in shock and with our hands over our mouths at times to cover the fact that we were laughing at things we possibly shouldn’t…

Joan Rivers disturbed, she offended, she criticised – these were her stock standard comedy calling cards – and although her humour was not to everyone’s taste, she will leave a lasting mark on the comedy world, and the world more generally.

I remember seeing Joan Rivers at Hamer Hall in Melbourne several years ago and, as you would imagine with just about any of her performances, it was not without controversy. Not so much for the content but rather for the fact that Rivers was refusing to perform because of a contractual dispute with the promoter.

Show start time ticked over…10, 15, 20 minutes passed before Rivers fronted up to the audience, still not fully made up (scary!), and explained quite frankly the situation to us. She felt she couldn’t perform due to the dispute and yet she didn’t want to let us down so she was damn well gonna perform anyways…and so, as the cliche goes, the show did go on.

Sitting up close and personal to this diminutive yet powerfully-energised woman was eye-opening in that you could almost see the whirring, whirling, constantly moving cogs of her comedy mind turning over through each moment – pretty bloody amazing.

Today the thoughts of TBS go out to the family of Joan Rivers – let’s all smile that naughty smile that we know we shouldn’t when we think of the way Rivers took us on her madcap comedy ride every time she opened that cheeky, filthy but bloody funny mouth.


*quotes sourced from Brainy Quotes

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