When the Biebster got booed after an impromptu strip on Fashion Rocks, Susannah McDonald isn’t so sure he, or Calvin Klein, will have cared too much #nosuchthingasbadpublicity


Who doesn’t like a good celebrity faux pas, especially when it comes from the King of causing us to shake our heads, Justin Bieber?

It seems the Biebster has an affinity with stripping his clothes off as much as the regular person likes ice-cream.

The most recent instance, however, did nothing for his self-esteem.

First of all, the Biebster was standing next to a model by the name of Lara Stone, so he was never going to be the prettiest person on that stage. He could have walked out in a diamond suit and Lara still would have looked better than a sparkly Bieber. Maybe it was the fact that he was being outdone looks-wise by a beautiful woman that encouraged him to strip down to his Calvin Klein boxers-briefs?

Now, I assume the Biebster did this either to make headlines or with the hopeful intention of driving the women in the audience wild.

Well, at least one of these worked. He certainly has made headlines, but not for dropping his pants.

The crowd booed.

And they didn’t boo a little – the crowd at the “Fashion Rocks” special event being telecast on CBS booed a lot.

A hell of a lot.

Sure, there were a couple of teenage girls screaming before they fainted, but on the whole the major reaction to the Biebster flexing and his weird facial expressions was not positive.

Now, if the more astute of you are screaming “product placement” you wouldn’t be the only one. By stating on stage that the Biebster doesn’t “feel comfortable unless I’m in my Calvin’s” and then following up the event with a #mycalvins, most people have come to the same conclusion.

However, if Calvin Klein is indeed behind this incident, I’m not sure this was the end goal they had in mind.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say boxer-brief sales might be on the flaccid side this month.


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