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Susannah McDonald is a young Sydney-based writer. With a degree in primary education she is passionate about raising up a generation of young people who know who they are and what they believe in. She aims to do this through producing pieces that provide different perspectives on the world through truth and subjectivity.

Dating: Finding your mate with some MHC “magic”

Susannah McDonald’s looking at all the new dating sites to find a little love magic.  She’s not so sure if “Instant Chemistry” will give the right reaction.


Gone, it would seem, are the days when you would lock eyes across a crowded room…when the first touch was like a sizzling bolt of electricity coursing through your veins…or, when asked to describe the encounter all you could say was “It was just like…magic.”

Well this “magic” looks a little different now. Instant Chemistry is mixing up the ever-evolving world of online dating. It doesn’t just give you boring psychological tests and online questionnaires to answer, oh no.

You have to “spit, seal and mail.”

That’s right. You spit into a tube, send it in, and these two companies will scientifically use your DNA to extrapolate information that will match you with your perfect partner.

Online dating started with people sitting at home and scrolling through pages of partner candidates. Too tall, too short, wrong hair colour, wrong eyes or “there’s just something about them that I don’t like.” That’s not to say people haven’t found a match through this plethora of apparent availabilities. We have all heard the ads about how “Mary” found her perfect man, “John”, on a dating site, or how he thought he would “never love again, but #lovecupidmatchmakerfinder helped him find the path of true love…”

Online dating has gone from computers to apps to being accessible anywhere, anytime. Even if you aren’t looking for a life partner, just someone to have fun with one evening, there is an app for you.

If you feel like the perfect partner is no longer perfect, but you want to have your cake and eat it too, having an affair with other similarly minded people is also available. The window for relationships of all shapes and forms has been thrown wide open and this is the next step in the process. If seeing the results of someone’s personality quiz isn’t enough and you want hard scientific fact, you’ve got it!

Well… kind of.

The basis of their research of genetic matching is highly questionable. There is something called an MHC gene, and apparently, this miraculous little thing draws us to different people. These companies are basing their sites on matching two people with complementary genes. The only problem? There has never been conclusive testing. Some tests state that matching MHC genes produce happy relationships; others have proven quite the opposite. This is achieved, essentially, through smell…and we aren’t talking about some guy’s overpowering Lynx fragrance that you can smell across the sweaty bar the moment he walks in the door. We all emit a smell (not body odour, although we emit that as well), which draws people to us and us to them. Some people like the same smell as the one they emit, some the opposite.

So if you want to spit into a tube for a computer to tell you who to date based on what smell you like, have fun.

I’m going to hold out for that “magic”.



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