Lessons from Jacqui Lambie: Google Sharia Law before a telly appearance….

When the best that PUP Senator Jacqui Lambie can come up with about Sharia Law is…”Well, I think, umm, when it comes to, ummm, sharia law, ummm, you know, to me, it’s… obviously involves terrorism” we might have a problem…



Who else watched that uncomfortable interview on Barry Cassidy’s Insiders where PUP Senator Jacqui Lambie struggled her way through explaining her understanding and rejection of Sharia Law?

For most, given Lambie’s recent statements about Islam and, in particular, the wearing of burqas, it would come as no surprise that she rejects Sharia Law, well, just because! This from the same elected representative who misappropriated and distributed a meme created by far-Right UK party Britain First that desecrated the memory of a much-revered Afghan policewoman killed in the line of duty.

From the same woman who believes Australia needs to significantly boost its military presence to avoid a “Chinese Communist invasion” that would risk “letting our grandchildren become slaves” and wants to bring back conscription to, apparently, help our youth unemployment problem.

It would be easy, at this stage, to draw comparisons to Pauline Hansen – but that would be a cop out.

Lambie is her own, detailed, piece of work, and her most recent comments on Sharia Law serve to demonstrate how ignorance and fear are the cheapest, but sadly most-used (#budgetemergency ring a bell?) weapons in the politician’s arsenal.

For Lambie to argue that Sharia Law is about terrorism and terrorism alone is nonsense – she may as well argue that the Ten Commandments are what Christianity is about and accordingly call for the Bible and those who follow it to be banned, too.

It’s just not that simple Senator Lambie.

The ABC posted a clear and comprehensive article to combat misinformation being peddled about Sharia Law and today The Conversation discusses whether Sharia Law fits in with Western Law. For those who (like many of us) vaguely know what they think it is, it’s worth a look.

For Jacqui Lambie, it’s compulsory reading.

Lambie is not a bad person. She does have Australia’s interests at heart. She should stay honest and open with the people she represents.

However, it is hard to argue against the idea that to fulfill the obligations of her office she might better educate herself about the issues she sees as most affecting the Australian people – particularly when it comes to Sharia Law and respecting an individual’s right to believe and follow their faith, something they are certainly able to do while still observing the rule of Law and our Constitution.


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