Long Reads: Koch Brothers, health, asylum seekers and NYC in the fast food lane



This week’s long reads by Rich Jackson feature the evil empire of the Koch Brothers, a health warning, Australia’s ongoing asylum seeker shame and fast, like REAL fast, food in NYC.


Inside the Koch Brothers’ toxic empire – Tim Dickinson (Rolling Stone)

If you could craft two individuals who were the bogeyman embodiment of everything that people on the political left, and even more generically the middle ground, hate about politics and how government functions, then you couldn’t be further from the truth than the Koch Brothers, Charles and David. With thorough research, Tim Dickinson has crafted an exhaustive piece written with admirable clarity that takes us through the rise of the Koch empire, their business practices, ultimately charting how the Koch brothers became two of the most influential individuals in American politics. As they push their toxic brand of conservatism on America, by peddling their influence via numerous outlets.


I had a stroke at 33 – Christine Hyung-Oak Lee (Buzzfeed)

I found this article frightening because the idea of a having a stroke terrifies me – getting shut off from the world because you have lost your ability to speak, think and move, your body becoming a mere shell. The author’s descriptions are eerie, like she is in a dream where she is a passive character watching the happenings in her surroundings come and go at slow pace.


Gay Asylum seekers on Manus Island write of fear of persecution in PNG – Oliver Laughland (The Guardian)

The Guardian has published six letters from six gay asylum seekers detained on Manus Island. The letters discuss why they fled their home countries, their disappointment, fear and exasperation over the potential persecution they face because they are gay. They fled because they didn’t want to live a lie anymore and are now imprisoned for trying to find a place where they could live their lives without persecution.


Editor’s Choice – Foodie week at Narrative.ly

Mastering the art of the New York eat-and-walk – Adee Braun (Narrative.ly)

Anyone who has been to New York (or at least watched SITC) will know that the city that never sleeps is faster than fast…and this cool piece during a kinda foodie week at Narrative.ly shows how this extends to NYC. Given I will be there in about a month, I will, of course, report back on the veracity of this author’s claims…

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