Long Reads: Anita Sarkeesian, Obama and Le Petit Prince

This week’s Long Reads by Rich Jackson takes us through cyber-bullying and the case of Anita Sarkeesian, Obama, the notion of justice and Le Petit Prince.


The unsafety net: How social media turned against women – Catherine Buni and Soraya Chemaly (The Atlantic)

A very relevant article considering the recent hack of celebrities photos, which almost exclusively targeted women. I’ll provide one example taken from the article to sell it to you. Anita Sarkeesian launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the creation of a feminist web series concerning the objectification of women in video games; she soon became the focus of a cybermob, and one form of their harassment came when they created a game, Beat Up Anita Sarkeesian, where the player had to bludgeon her face until the screen turned red. A story of bullying and misogynistic hate, alarming in its creativity, but as this article demonstrates, one that does not work in a vacuum.


In defense of Obama – Paul Krugman (Rolling Stone)

I agree with a lot of what Krugman says on the health bill, the economy, the Republican Party, gay rights and ultimately the overarching sentiment of the article, “In each case, Obama delivered less than his supporters wanted, less than the country arguably deserved, but more than his current detractors acknowledge.”

However, I honestly can’t get over the drone issue, which Krugman fails to acknowledge. I still think that inadvertently killing civilians of other nations and citizens of your own country with limited judicial or congressional debate on oversight, justification and how a verdict is reached, and the fact that the “guilty” terrorists don’t receive a fair trial, is illegal, morally bankrupt and to use that generic/cliché phrase, “un-American.”


He beat her and murdered her son – And she got 45 years in jail – Alex Campbell (Buzzfeed)

A battered woman, beaten and trodden down by her husband, who in a fit of rage takes her child and kills him…She got 45 years for failing to protect her child.


PB’s Choice from Narrative.ly

The little prince with the Bronx twang – Aditi Sriram (Narrative.ly)

Who else read Le Petit Prince as a kid and loved it? (If you answered “Meh, it was OK,” go to the naughty corner…now.)

Well, even if you haven’t read this sweet and simple tale, Aditi Sriram’s wonderful piece about Howard Scherry and his passion for the author of the book, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, has been masterfully intertwined in such a way as to draw parallels between the two men’s lives that is fitting giving Scherry’s passion for the author…a passion he lives almost every day and looks certain to (eventually) take to his grave.


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