Conrad Liveris

Sarah Silverman: It’s not right, but it’s OK

Sarah Silverman

Still smiling from the “Close the Gap” crowd-funding clip by Sarah Silverman, Conrad Liveris discusses the trans* community and the roller-coaster ride the LGBTI community is still on…


When I watched Sarah Silverman’s comedic crowd-funding take on the gender pay gap I laughed.

(Ed’s note – here it is…warning – slightly over-18 material!)

I even sent it to the women who mentor, inspire and guide me.

I loved it. They loved it.

What could be more hilarious than a woman, albeit a comedian in Sarah Silverman, being driven to having sex-reassignment surgery to avoid the pay gap?

Most of us would never entertain this idea.

There are women in our society who have considered this idea. The trans* community is a small but growing element of the broader LGBTI community — and simply the broader community. Born either male or female, those in this community feel so uncomfortable that they undertake a dramatic step to have such altered.

Most of us will have limited experience with such — even less will understand the language in great detail.

On Monday night, group captain of the RAAF Cate McGregor was on QandA. Cate was born Malcolm Gerard and undertook gender reassignment surgery following a distinguished career in politics and sport. She still maintains a strong professional standing as the highest-ranking transgender person in the Australian Defence Force.

QandA has a great way of revealing challenges in our society. Tweets were aired concerning Cate’s gender and how to refer to her.

Both of these examples highlight that we don’t get trans* issues. That’s OK.

The LGBTI experience is a fast moving one and the language and definitions are developing.

While there’s a difference between a tweet and Sarah Silverman waving around a penis like a pointing stick, they highlight a lack of awareness.

We are in a fortunate state to realise and consider the incorrectness of our actions or beliefs.

The next time we explore our diversity we will be closer to getting it right.


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