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Susannah McDonald is a young Sydney-based writer. With a degree in primary education she is passionate about raising up a generation of young people who know who they are and what they believe in. She aims to do this through producing pieces that provide different perspectives on the world through truth and subjectivity.

Amazon moving from the online to the urban jungle

Amazon are opening their first ever brick and mortar store and Susannah McDonald is wondering if going backwards is now the best way to go forward in business?


The world of online shopping is a place of mesmerising possibilities, where you can order that clothing item and it will arrive in three hours, or you’ll save 80 percent if you buy in the next six seconds. These days, if a physical store has not got an online counterpart, they are losing serious business.

Now, one of the leading online stores that has never had a shopfront seems to have gone backwards.

That’s right – Amazon is opening up a store. It’s not just any store…it’s on 34th Street in Manhattan, right opposite the Empire State Building. Talk about beginning with a bang.

Most of you are probably questioning everything that Amazon stands for, as their entire business plan, right from the beginning, has never included a physical store.

If you haven’t been on Amazon in a while, let me give you an update. They have gone way past selling books. Oh sure, they still sell books along with most other things, but they’re not aiming for a different pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…groceries. They want to get in on the action that they have previously missed.

If you think about everything that is available in their online store, Amazon need to own some seriously big warehouses to keep all their products. The only problem is, groceries don’t keep as long as a book. They need to be in and out of that warehouse and arrive at their destination so quickly that the courier delivering them doesn’t need to fill up. This is part of their plan in opening up a store in the center of Manhattan; from there, everything is close.

Now the question is, why would you open a warehouse right opposite the Empire State Building?

Amazon are of course allowing some space for retail shoppers as people may want to see what is in their first ever store.

So there it is, an online company that’s now not just online. This news, however, is coming from The Journal, which is reporting the store without naming its sources.

So come Christmas time, Amazon will become either the first ever forward-in-going-backwards company, or The Journal will have just had an excellent laugh.

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