Dr Marc de Rosnay discusses the notion of using the powers of psychological insight for “evil” in the second of our video series marking the end of Mental Health month.


Once again speaking with behavioural scientist Dr Marc de Rosnay from the University of Sydney’s psychology department, the question was posed to him whether he has ever used his powers of psychological insight for “evil.”

You may be surprised to learn that being an evil genius is something we all do – it is a natural part of the human psyche and of childhood development. It can even be argued that the whole point of having these powers of deduction and insight is solely for the purposes of “evil” or to euphemise it for personal advantage and self gain. But there are consequences to these actions and with ordinary moral development, human beings are able to see the implications and thus restrain themselves from being too “evil.”

Have you ever used your powers of psychological insight for evil, even in some small way? Feel free to share by commenting below. #nojudgement



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