The final in our interviews between Naomi Madigan and Dr Marc de Rosnay: The psychopath and where such fits in with the notions of evil and manipulation.


The final video in the series of Mental Health and Human Behaviour. In this video we ask Dr de Rosnay if being an evil genius or manipulating others is bordering on the lines of being a psychopath.

He lets us know that it isn’t.

By simply navigating our social world, while most humans are prepared to exploit others to get what they want from life, such is not the sign of a psychopath, because most don’t believe what they do will cause harm.

It is only when you begin having a cavalier attitude to the suffering of others that you are in the realms of the psychopath.

If you would like more information on the topic, here is an interesting Vice interview with neuroscientist Dr James Fallon, who is actually by definition a psychopath.

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