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  1. ultramarine73 said:

    “In the wake of what seems to be a social media win, questions have been asked about our freedom of speech. Julien Blanc was not doing anything illegal. ”

    He did do something illegal in Japan, here in the U.S. it would be called sexual harassment. He would probably get punched by the girl whose faces he pushed into his crotch–or slapped by the shopgirl he assaulted. Legally, he’d probably only wind up with a slap on the wrist.

    That said, if any of the Japanese girls in the video want to prosecute (unlikely, it would be very humiliating for them to do so) he could be tried and convicted of forceful indecency. He would receive no less than 6 months and no more than ten years of hard labor in a Japanese prison.

    Since he basically advised white men that they could use the tricks he pulled in Japan, white men should be shunning him like the plague. Unless, they want 6 months to 10 years in a Japanese prison. “Ah, but the girls didn’t prosecute,” his apologists say. No, they didn’t. Again, no Japanese person wants to stick out and be a burden. This starts happening a lot though and they will, in a distinctly well-organized, Japanese fashion (once a few women start calling these guys out, the social stigma drops, the girls feel like they are doing a patriotic duty protecting other Japanese girls, and bam — it’s over and a lot of white butts are in prison).

    Oh, to those apologists that say, “The girls who got their heads shoved in his crotch were smiling”, you are ignorant. Japanese people smile when they are distressed.

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