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Epiphany Morgan

About Epiphany Morgan

Epiphany Morgan is the director of 365 docobites, an overly-ambitious project that has her travelling the world making 365 documentaries in 365 days sharing stranger’s short and shorter stories. Epiphany is an award-winning film-maker, having won best student director at the 2012 Australian Directors Guild Awards for her work on a documentary about the Kings Cross injecting room. Devoted to the arts as a form of expression, Epiphany sees creativity as a tool and as a source of knowledge, believing there’s a lot to learn from listening to people’s stories.

From Alaska to the UK to Madrid, the 365 docobites crew find that love finds a way to bring people together wherever they are when they meet Phillip and Chad…



I was wearing a dress made of money
Does long distance love really work out?
Today’s story from Madrid is from Phillip and Chad and is all about about cynicism, taking risks and gay pride.
The pair met in the middle of June this year and they’ve already sent about, “Ten thousand messages so far.” Phillip is from England and Chad is from Alaska, which is where they met. After much convincing from his friends, Phillip flew over from the UK to attend the small Gay Pride festival in Alaska. Chad wasn’t even going to go that day because, “Living in a town with only four gay people can make you pretty jaded and I was just so tired of having no luck in the love department after so many years.”
Low and behold, Chad summoned up some optimism and went to the parade where he saw Philip in a dress made of money and “love at first sight” struck again. It was clear to see, as the two enjoyed their romantic weekend away in Madrid together, that in such a short time they have sparked a very special connection.
Maybe the question isn’t, “Does long distance really work?” but rather, “Can love still be found when all seems lost?”
It’s early days for the pair yet but when we left them in Madrid they were already talking about marriage.
It seems to me that having that last drop of hope is maybe all you need.
Flying to the other side of the world for a chance at real love, racking up absurd fees on your phone bill just to send one more message or even asking a hot guy in a dress made of money if he’d like a drink…
Whatever it is, just by taking one more chance when you thought there was no more to take…love can still be found.


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About 365 docobites

The 365 docobites team, Epiphany and Carl, are travelling across five continents for an entire year to introduce the 365 docobites community to a “stranger a day” via a vlog of short and shorter documentaries.

Each docobite will be as unique as the stranger it features, allowing their identity to drive the content. Whether we’re with a stranger for a moment or a day, 365 docobites will capture the essence of that time in their life; humorous or horrific, dramatic or delightful.

What do these people look like?

What do they think about?

What makes them laugh, cry, scream and shout?

What is life like for the strangers of the world?


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