Nathan Dee is a fan of the new Lexus ad, but there are some classical fans out there who think the campaign strikes a few off-key notes…



It has been said for the longest time that one could tell a lot about another person by their taste in music. If you, like many, occasionally find yourself practicing this old and trusted method, you would know that a lot of the time, it’s pretty spot on.

The same goes for the reverse. You know in your heart of hearts that the guy stomping down the street in Doc Martens with the shaved head and swastika tattoos is certainly not going to be the type to make way for a Barbara Streisand record next to his Skrewdriver collection.

At the moment, there’s an ad on TV making the rounds for the new Lexus – Toyota’s “luxury car”. By the looks of things, it’s been knotting up the knickers of some classical music purists out there.

The ad has all the usual “luxury car” ad traits – the classical music, the car slowly weaving in and out piles of leaves and the mountains off in the distance. When I saw the ad the first time, I rolled my eyes and decided that it was time to get up and grab something to eat, but then the classical music stopped abruptly…and my attention went right back to the screen.

There’s a string trio in the back seat of the car! And the driver? Well he wanted to listen to The Lion King soundtrack or something, so he told the trio to bugger off. African drums ahoy!

From my experience working my day job in the automotive industry, I’ve found that when most people see a Lexus, they imagine some prude sitting there, wearing designer clothes, $50 bills hanging out of their nostrils and some opera or classical music playing on the stereo at a “comfortable” volume behind the tinted windows.

Then I saw this commercial, and what I took from it is that Lexus are trying to target a new demographic. A less “mature” one shall we say. What struck me most about this ad was that it seemed Lexus had grown a sense of humor and in one fell swoop, became professionals at being the most facetious kids on the block. For that, I applaud them.

Remembering of course, that this is 2014 – the age where people sit behind their computer screens, rile themselves up into a frenzy and take to the keyboard to tell the whole world how offended they are – naturally, there were complaints. From toothpaste commercials to the news, there are always a handful of nutters out there who feel the relentless need to moan.

There’s the common caricature of the classical music lover. Dressed like a penguin, nose in the air, brandy in one hand, cigar in the other. The fact that Lexus was having a tongue-in-cheek stab at itself and its past advertising campaigns was sadly lost on these “classical music purists”. What’s even sadder is now that the people at Lexus (one of the few car manufacturers typically associated with the wealthy and bad driving) have decided it’s time to shed their old skin, the 1% of “classical music purists” have taken to the internet to spew a gutful of venom at Lexus for “deriding Mozart”.  By doing so, they’ve just re-animated that old caricature.


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