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Conrad Liveris is a community advocate and operations analyst working in policy and business development with a focus on gender equality and intergenerational issues.

Julie Bishop: Always the bridesmaid…

For all the media beat-up around Julie Bishop and her popularity at the moment, Conrad Liveris has little doubt she will never rise any further than her current position in a Coalition government.


There are few things I am surer of than Julie Bishop never becoming Prime Minister.

A fiercely loyal deputy who, as she tells us, is living her dream job.

Waxing lyrically, she recalls times in the 1980s when she and Alexander Downer, our longest serving Foreign Minister, bonded over international issues.

She has been elected three times as Deputy. To Brendan Nelson, Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott, each time to the ire of the young guns in the party

She represents the commitment the Liberal Party wants to show.

Across every newspaper in the country there is a hint that Bishop either wants to be leader or could be leader. There’s a greater chance that she would lose a staring competition than mount a challenge.

The reality is that women are underrepresented in Coalition seats. Bishop has no female contemporary and has often been the first female in a number of roles. Only one person has achieved the political chief executive role from a WA seat – John Curtin. Even though he is often touted as one of the greatest PMs, nobody can say these are good odds. While WA is a Liberal state, it is not strategic for the Liberal Party in terms of fundraising or connecting with swing voters.

Bishop also has a history of being a divisive member of the Liberal Party. When she was running for Deputy, she butted heads with Christopher Pyne and his band of young bloods, and there are some reports that she has had limited support in terms of the Liberal leadership.

Most of all, there is the glaring fact the last thing the Liberal Party wants to do is to be seen to emulate Labor’s disastrous leadership challenges. Abbott will only step down from the leadership in the wake of widespread public disapproval, a political fiasco or a personal matter.

While the public loves Julie Bishop, she knows that her greatest strength and influence will be as Deputy.


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