TJ Cohen rejects the idea that Matt Taylor’s fashion misstep was an example of casual sexism, although that shirt should probably have been saved for laundry day…


Something that is very big at the moment, and in this day and age really shouldn’t be, is casually sexist attire.

The spark was ignited by Matt Taylor, the Rosetta mission’s project scientist. Taylor caused quite a stir by wearing a shirt covered with scantily-clad women, when he went on air to talk about the success of the mission. This upset a lot of people, which unfortunately put the success of the mission in the shadows. Like many others, my first feeling was outrage when I heard about the Matt Taylor incident, ESPECIALLY when I heard his description of the mission – “She’s sexy, but I never said she was easy.”

After further thought and a heartfelt apology from Matt Taylor, I decided the guy just didn’t quite think through his outfit of the day.

I later found that the shirt was given to Taylor by a friend of his, who is a girl and designed the shirt herself.

So there you have it…


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