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Epiphany Morgan

About Epiphany Morgan

Epiphany Morgan is the director of 365 docobites, an overly-ambitious project that has her travelling the world making 365 documentaries in 365 days sharing stranger’s short and shorter stories. Epiphany is an award-winning film-maker, having won best student director at the 2012 Australian Directors Guild Awards for her work on a documentary about the Kings Cross injecting room. Devoted to the arts as a form of expression, Epiphany sees creativity as a tool and as a source of knowledge, believing there’s a lot to learn from listening to people’s stories.

Meeting Carlota in Lisbon, Portugal, the 365 docobites crew learn of the anguish that comes with being a volunteer fire-fighter and how those who seek to save and help us require our care also.


I was trying to save a woman

Ever wondered what it feels like to save someone’s life? Or wondered what it would be like, to try and not succeed?

Today, in Lisbon, Carlota shares with us what it’s like to be a volunteer fire-fighter in Portugal. At the age of 18 this girl decided she wanted to save lives and protect people, and has done exactly that for the last four years.

At such a young age this woman has dedicated many hours of her life to making a difference for other people, but the memory of one tragic situation haunts her. She goes on to share a heart-wrenching story about trying to save a women from a car crash who didn’t want to die. Carlota tried her best to help the women, all the while withholding the knowledge that the woman simply wasn’t going to make it.“She was begging me to help her, so she could see her granddaughter one more time, it was really hard because I knew she was going to die.”

So, what’s it like to try your hardest and it not be good enough?

“There are days I wake up and I think, ‘Yes today I can do something good,’ and then I remember what happened, because it’s always there, and I think, ‘What if it happens another time, I try and I can’t save her, then what?’”

I think the answer is clear to many of us who can look at Carlota’s situation with perspective. Carlota tried her hardest and that’s what counts. She gave a women comfort in her last moments, she did her best. But we are not Carlota, a women who was there and who is now struggling with what happened, so the responsibility is no longer on her, it falls to us. It is now our duty to reassure people like Carlota that what they do is important, that it makes a difference, that they are good people and that they are loved.


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About 365 docobites

The 365 docobites team, Epiphany and Carl, are travelling across five continents for an entire year to introduce the 365 docobites community to a “stranger a day” via a vlog of short and shorter documentaries.

Each docobite will be as unique as the stranger it features, allowing their identity to drive the content. Whether we’re with a stranger for a moment or a day, 365 docobites will capture the essence of that time in their life, humorous or horrific, dramatic or delightful.

What do these people look like?

What do they think about?

What makes them laugh, cry, scream and shout?

What is life like for the strangers of the world?


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